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I just got a revelation .410 model 330A bolt activity shotgun. The is a west auto co. From what I can gather it was made by mossberg, however I can"t discover out much more. Can anyone help?
* this sight. They might be able to aid you out.I never taken into consideration a bolt action 410. I newly purchase one of those Winchester 9410. I love the lever activity 410. I have taken a lot of squirrels with mine this year. I arrangement to deer hunt will certainly it. Its likewise alot of funny on the skeet range. What space you going to execute with a bolt activity 410? I have actually a girlfriend of mine the loves brothers 303 enfields and has one that has actually been converted to 410. However its a single shot because the 3 customs 410 won"t to the right in the 303 magazine. That an unusual weapon.LaterMatt
McBirch, what"s wrong v this site?JimC it"s either a mossberg 183 or 183K - .410 bore, bolt activity shotgun, 2 or 3 shot mag., assorted screw-on or C-Lect throttle on part models, mfg. 1948-85.Grading 100% 98% 95% 90% 80% 70% 60% $125 $110 $95 $75 $60 $55 $50

Sorry MarlandS,I go not typical to insult or that is readers and moderators. i figured since jimc currently had discovered i did not need to mention it again. :wink: Its simply I uncovered that various other site and also it was committed to 410 and also I discovered some useful information there as soon as I was looking for info top top the 410. I thought I would pass that along. It was no ment to say it was much better or anything prefer that just somewhere else to look.
No biggie McBirch, ns was just giving you a hard time. If there are sources out there v better/ extra/ or just plain various info it"s ok come send folks the end looking. Besides we all recognize they"ll be earlier to the genuine site for shotgun details But following time could you provide us a opportunity to answer first?
Mcbirch:The .410 shotgun is as well light come be trusted for deer. That"s why most if not all shotgun deer states prohibit its use. A 20 ***** is the minimum that need to be provided on deer.Jim
Mcbirch:The .410 shotgun is also light come be reliable for deer. That"s why many if not all shotgun deer claims prohibit that is use. A 20 ***** is the minimum that must be provided on deer.Jim

Mcbirch:The .410 shotgun is as well light come be trustworthy for deer. That"s why many if no all shotgun deer claims prohibit that use. A 20 ***** is the minimum that need to be supplied on deer.Jim

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Jim,I would need to respectfully disagree. :? The Remington Slugger is a 1/5oz slug moving at 1830fps. The is much more muzzle energy than the sexty 357 Remington loads.Remington SluggerVelocity0 yds =1830 fps50 yds = 1335 fps100 yds = 1040 fpsEnergy0 yds =654 ft-lbs50 yds = 348 ft-lbs100 yds = 211 ft-lbsRemington 165 JHPVelocity0 yds = 1290fps50 yds = 1189fps100 yds = 1108fpsEnergy0 yds = 610 ft-lbs50 yds = 518 ft-lbs100 yds = 450 ft-lbsNow no one would certainly scoff at hunting whitetail v a 357 revolver as lengthy as you keep the arrays reasonable. The 357 hold its power at much longer ranges than a 410 slug does yet as long as you limit the variety the 410 is a perfectly capable deer gun.I have examine my state video game laws and also here in Ohio the 410 shooting a single round sphere or rifle cheese is allowed. I arrangement to hunting deer through my 410 this year. I have a Winchester 9410 timeless lever action 410 and also over sand bags in ~ the selection that shotgun will shot a 5-shot 2 inch group at 50yds. 8) i am really confident v the gun and have hunted with practically nothing else because I gained it 10 month ago. Mine father and uncle"s farm yard that I will be hunting on is largely covered v brush and heavy oak stands. I have rarely had actually opportunity to take it a shot in ~ a deer much longer than 50yds and would not shot it v the 410. The 410 is certainly not to much gun however if you location your shooting well and don"t ever before extend the selection it is sufficient. I"m a bit worn down of acquiring hammered :x by my BPS with slugs and also that 410 is so nice to lug I just acquired to offer it a shot this year. No to mention the interesting conversation I can have if i run into a game Warden and he thinks ns am making use of a 30-30 (Rifles room not permitted in Ohio) :lol:Matt