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The black color Parade is the third album exit by rock band My chemistry Romance. The album is about the endure of a dice character who is showing on his life. Welcome come the black Parade is a solitary from the album that sparked even much more popularity because that the band 보다 their previous 2 albums. This song complies with the dying patient and also his journey in the direction of death and also the psychological struggles people can have surrounding it. It was named one the the peak 500 songs from the Rock and also Roll room of fame that assisted shape the rock and also roll genre. 

If you desire the watch of the popular American rock band My Chemical romantic from their third album The black Parade, girlfriend will need a black T-Shirt, army Parade Jacket, black Jeans, White Hair Wig, black color Boots, and also Black animal leather Gloves.

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My Chemical romance Cosplay Costumes

The album The black Parade to be such a success, and along with it came the music video for Welcome to the black color Parade. This solitary was wherein the costumes, draft by Colleen Atwood, were very first seen in the music video. The music video starts in a hospital room and then transitions come an ash-covered city surrounded by damaged buildings. It four main personalities are called Patient, Fear, Regret and Mother War and surround the topic of death. Their costumes are based turn off marching tape uniforms yet are black to signify the mourning that the dead or dying. 

This outfit wouldn’t look finish unless you brought My chemical Romance earlier together! obtain your girlfriend involved and also have them come along as the various other members that the band and rock out to The black color Parade. If you think your costumes should be paraded around, nothing forget to submit part photos come our Halloween Costume Contest!

About My chemistry Romance

My Chemical romantic didn’t recognize if they might beat their previous album, Life top top the murder Scene, yet once they released The black color Parade, they to be onto larger and better things. The album complies with a character, called “The Patient”, that is dice of cancer. Through the fourteen songs, the story of the character’s death, the afterlife, past experiences, and reflections room shown. 

Death appears to the “The Patient” in the image of a parade together the lead singer, Gerard Way, had actually an idea that death showing up to someone in the kind of their favorite memory. The band’s outfits were comparable to The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts society Band look, yet are black color to display mourning. The track was such a success that it was given the Platinum Europe Award because that one million sales in Europe and also was detailed in the 500 song from the Rock and Roll room of Fame.




fit up as the lesser well-known Marvel mercenary, Domino, that as Neena Thurman is a expert fighter in Deadpool.


Dress choose Monique, the stylish female ideal friend that Kim possible from the hit Disney television show.

Young Joseph Joestar

Defeat superordinary enemies and also cosplay as Young Joseph Joestar indigenous the manga collection JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

T.J. Detweiler

it is in the ringleader the the institution playground, T.J. Detweiler, through a costume indigenous Disney"s animated TV show Recess.

Black Ranger

Morph into the black Ranger that is play by the personality Zack Taylor top top the Mighty Morphin strength Rangers show.


get Drake"s looks and moves native his music video clip Hotline Bling featuring among his hottest songs of 2015.

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