Weep you no more, sad fountains;What require you flow so fast?Look exactly how the snowy mountainsHeaven"s sun doth gently waste.But mine sun"s heavenly eyesView no your weeping,That now lies sleepingSoftly, currently softly liesSleeping.Sleep is a reconciling,A remainder that peace begets:Doth not the sun increase smilingWhen fair at even he sets?Rest friend then, rest, sad eyes,Melt no in weeping,While she lies sleepingSoftly, currently softly lies Sleeping.

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The writer of this words is not in truth known with any type of certainty but their an initial recorded use was by john Dowland as lyrics because that on that his lute pieces in the 16th century. © through owner. Listed at no charge for educational purposes


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- from guest Eylizabaeth (contact)It is mine belife that this city is saying that the person will weep no an ext because she lover has left her. It is speak I will cry no an ext over you. I will much better my self, and also my heart, so ns will prevent my crying, and while i sleep, I will be revived in my very own self concious.

- from guest Piranha (contact)From mine opinion,I think the poet is advising the reader not to cry and tells lock that resting is the cure. To have peace, we always have to it is in happy.

- native guest Kelv (contact)From my point of view, i think that is about a ladies that cries over a love breaking relationship.As the poet pointed out "sleep is a reconciling, a rest that peace begets," it creates a emotion of this women had actually cried because that a long period of time and also eventually she loss asleep.

- indigenous guest Justa (contact)From my suggest of view, this poem symbolizes one"s sadness and constantly recall him/her that sadness deserve to be overcomed by assorted positive ways and also telling him/her to no look back at unfortunately incidents since at the finish of the day, we"ll all walk to sleep and also it will only remain as a memory. Peace out ^_^v
- from guest micky (contact)I in which method think that this poem can be a conversation between two human being or a quarrel within a human itself.
- from guest LV26 (contact)What i feel is that the writer is saying us once we are sad,there is a means to let united state calm. As the poem says " Sleep is a reconciling, A remainder that peace begets." ns am agree what the writer says, ns think this is the best method to go because sleep can additionally let people feels secure.
- indigenous guest KCJAZZ (contact)It feels prefer the writer is being influenced by the fatality of his love one. It additionally feels prefer the writer never intended to accept the truth of the death and also still living in the previous of memories. This locks the writer to a fact that could no much longer be true.
- indigenous guest Dayna (contact)I think about this city is no point to cry a lot. What ns feel is no worth that or resolve the problem.But in this poem claimed sleep is a good thing is due to the fact that you might forget or relax what had actually happen before
- native guest Ryan (contact)From my point of view, the poet is do the efforts to advise someone to protect against crying end something that has actually happened in the past (probably the fatality of a loved one) as everything will have to involved an finish some day (told indigenous the melt of the snowy mountains). The poet also describes resting as a cure to all sadness and advices the someone to take it a break by going come sleep.
- from guest Dayna (contact)I feeling the girl have actually some problems in she mind and couldn"t let go esspecially sadness.In the poem mention,sleep is a great thing ,so you have the right to forget whats had happen before.
- native guest Elisabeth (contact)I always felt the poem being about soothing the sorrow feel by the fatality of a loved one through reminding united state that death is however a grand sleep: a rest that tranquility begets. Naught (or rather: nobody) is shed to us, just "set" like the sun and also like the sun will increase again. In that bigger perspective, one needn"t melt in weeping. Prefer the snowy mountains, sorrows vanish before those v a heavenly view. Which is why the sunlight sets smilingly: no reason for sadness. The thought of fatality as sleep is a really old one. For example the Greek tell us sleep and death room twins. Sleep gift an incomplete death and also death gift a complete sleep.
- from guest hayden (contact)this is an impressive poem, and also i know of a composer who has actually written a choral peice utilizing these words. It sound beautiful. Look increase "Jeremy Rawson Composer" top top the internet, and go come his website. Remarkable composer!
- After four centuries it would certainly be how amazing if we couldn"t discover a an ext understandable wording for our pleasure. However in his own time "the young did good"
- from guest kayla urbanovsky (contact)i really like this poem but i think it can be reworded alittle. Thats simply my oppion!!!!!!!
- indigenous guest margaret (contact)this is the most wonderful and also interesting poem ive ever before readim also apoet in the 8 hours grade. I write around whats going on, exactly how i feel and also what people do each day
- from guest Nancy G (contact)Being a mother, I had actually a completely different translate of this (I am to sing it as composed by i get it Quilter - the words space identical). I see it together a lullaby to a young girl who is really sad and also upset and also can"t patience down sufficient to gain to sleep. The line "sleep is a reconciling, a remainder that peace begets" says to me that she is more than likely over-reacting, perhaps since she is tired (over-tired?), and that if she can just sleep, she will certainly awaken to a fresh, more logical perspective on the situation. I have actually seen this happen so frequently with my two daughters that maybe I review in that what is most acquainted to me! yet it provides the song work-related for me and I do find it to it is in quite favor a lullaby, musically - and the loudest dynamic noting is one mp!
- indigenous guest Lark (contact)The writer of this city is anonymous. John Dowland to be a composer. He collection this city to music, the didn"t compose it.MOD REPLYThank you for that. The poem notes have actually been ammended to reflect this
- I offer a somewhat different approach:A guy is awake and also cries when his lovely spouse is sleeping.He talks to his own eyes (sad fountains), informing them to avoid crying, asking why castle cry so tough (flow for this reason fast). As with the sun gently wastes (melts) snowy mountains his spouse/wife/ (i.e. His own sun) provides him – who maybe supplied to be cold as ice? - melt also (cry). However her blue eye (my sun’s heavenly eyes) don’t see his eye weeping, due to the fact that she is resting softly. If one can discover peace, then one deserve to sleep and rest (she seems to have uncovered that peace) and a good night’s sleep will certainly be reconciling (has there been a arguments before?). Similar to the sunlight sets same in the evening but will smile once it rises increase in the morning, the same probably holds true because that her, the resting spouse, that will smile again once she wakes up. For this reason again he speak to his own eyes, arguing they must rest, and not melt in weeping, if she lies there, resting softly, not even noticing his weeping. The just indication of something gone wrong (besides the weeping) is the word “reconciling”, which means that there must have been a quarrel of some sort. Possibly she didn’t even notice there was a quarrel at all and so she is in ~ peace. Possibly she said something that hurt him, and didn’t notice. By asking his eye why castle cry, the sounds almost surprised, that he is weeping, the doesn’t necessarily feel a huge pain. Through his intellect he wants to protect against crying, rest and also get increase in the morning as if nothing happened; he desires to avoid “melting”. Yet somehow she regulated to touch him so deeply the his feelings are exposed. I’m unsure about the word “fair” in the paper definition of the sun setting fair in the evening as opposed to rising smiling in the morning. Probably she to be fair in the feeling of “speaking openly”, e.g. About her plans, thoughts or desires? and also while to she speaking openly is a valuable, loving thing to do, he to be deeply hurt by what she said?

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- from guest Ellen (contact)Imagine the someone girlfriend love an extremely dearly has just pass away. This human being was in great pain prior to they died, and it hurt friend to clock them in together pain. One they passed away, girlfriend hurt beause that human was gone, however you feel comforted learning that he/she doesn"t have to feel any more pain, and is in a much better place. Once I review this poem the beginning said to me...Weep friend no much more sad fountains (Don"t cry anymore) What require you circulation so fast? (What requires you to leave me so quickly?) Look just how the snowy mountains, heaven"s sun doth gently waste? ( think about...look how the sunlight wastes every that eye on the mountain...when it might have grew it) yet my sun"s heavenly eyes, viw not your weeping. (He doesn"t know that you have actually so lot to live for) That now lies sleeping (Now you have passed on) Sofly now, softly lies sleeping. (Quietly she/he has passed on) Sleep is a reconciling (reconciling is an additional word because that reunion) a rest that tranquility begets. (peace reasons you come relax) Doth not the sun climb smiling, as soon as fair at even he sets? (Does no the sun climb joyful as soon as pale the sets...sets is one more word because that unchanging.)Rest you, then rest sad eye (Be in ~ peace, girlfriend don"t need to ry in ache anymore) Melt not in weeping. (Melt/dissolve in my opinion means that the person didn"t have to pass far in anguish since of pains could likewise be about you not having to an outbreak into tears). The is what I think the city is about!