We were Soldiers(2002)
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Label:ColumbiaLabel number:86403
Running time:63m11sShipping date:February 26th, 2002
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Album Tracklist
1.For you - Johnny Cash / Dave Matthews<4:58>
2.Some Mother"s boy - Carolyn Dawn Johnson<4:22>
3.Fall the end - Train<6:53>
4.Soldier - Steven Curtis Chapman<4:38>
5.Good man - India Arie<3:33>
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Music indigenous the movie no on this soundtrack CD
Flying High - Joseph Kilna McKenzie
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Soundtrack Q & A
Q:What is the tune playing end the credits? The vocal sounds favor it has a hefty Irish accent. I would really prefer to discover this, so any assist would it is in great.Thanks.(from gmcin arizona)
A:It"s referred to as "Lay Me Down" (thanks to Bully,UK Nottingham)add an ext info
A:Bully is way off on his answer. During the credits, 2 songs room playing: 1. "Mansions that the Lord" sung by the West point Choir, then at the finish one verse of "Sgt. MacKenzie," i beg your pardon is a track heard previously in the movie. It is a Scottish track sung in a Scottish dialect. (thanks to toby,Huntington, Mass)add more info
Q:What"s the song playing before they go to battle? It"s also playing as soon as the helicopter come in to aid at the end.(from taterin arkansas)
A:"Sgt. Mackenzie" by Joseph Kilna Mackenzie (thanks come Brian,Chicago)add more info
Q:What"s the song playing once everyone is at the party prior to the soldiers and also Colonel room deployed?(from Alexin Lancaster, California)
A:Mel Carter: "Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me..." (thanks to tim,Canada)add much more info
Q:What"s the track playing because that a few seconds in the beginning as the opening credits start?...from neuroin florida(answer neuro"s question)
Q:What"s the song playing as soon as everyone is at the party... Prior to Mel Carter"s song?(from dukemain italy)
A:I intend it"s "Hold ~ above I"m Comin" by Sam and Dave. An excellent luck! (thanks to Iron,Germany)add an ext info
Q:Where deserve to I discover the quick trumpet solo that "Mansions that the Lord" that plays once Lt. Col. Moore is standing in ~ the Vietnam war Memorial?...from Brianin Chicago(answer Brian"s question)
Q:What"s the Irish track that starts with "...lay me down..."? i love the song and want to uncover it.(from Baileygatesin texas)
A:"Sgt. McKenzie", and it"s Scottish, not Irish. (thanks to Sarge01,Tazewell, VA)add much more info
Q:The night before they walk to war, there"s a party and two soldiers sang your songs. What is the title the the track the second soldier sang and also who"s the artist? Thanks!...from macoyin dubai(answer macoy"s question)
Q:In the song, "For You", walk Dave Matthews and also Johnny Cash actually execute the track together or walk Johnny Cash actually perform the song and Dave Matthews re-record it later with himself added in? and also if Johnny Cash to be the original composer, what album go he record the track on?...from Peggasaurusin eco-friendly Bay, WI(answer Peggasaurus"s question)
Q:What space the interpreted lyrics the "Sgt. Mackensie"? I recognize the language is Gaelic.(from Steeler Nationin Augusta,Ga. U.S.)
A:Original Scottish VersionLay me doon in the caul caul groonWhaur afore monie mair huv gaunLay me doon in the caul caul groonWhaur afore monie mair huv gaunWhen they come a wull staun ma groonStaun ma groon al nae it is in afraidThoughts awe hame tak awa ma fearSweat one bluid hide ma veil awe tearsAins a year say a prayer faur meClose yir een an psychic meNair mair shall a check out the sunFor a fell tae a Germans gunLay me doon in the caul caul groonWhaur afore monie mair huv gaunLay me doon in the caul caul groonWhaur afore monie mair huv gaunWhaur afore monie mair huv gaunEnglish TranslationLay me down in the cold cold groundWhere prior to many much more have goneLay me down in the cold cold groundWhere before many much more have goneWhen castle come I will stand my groundStand mine ground I"ll not be afraidThoughts of home take far my fearSweat and blood hide my veil that tearsOnce a year to speak a prayer for meClose her eyes and also remember meNever much more shall I watch the sunFor I dropped to a Germans gunLay me down in the cold cold groundWhere before many much more have goneLay me down in the cold cold groundWhere before many much more have goneWhere before many an ext have goneIn storage of Sgt. Charles Stuart MacKenzieSeaforth HighlandersWho along with many others provided up his lifeSo the we deserve to live freeWe will remember castle (thanks come the_guy_11,Cohutta, GA, USA)add an ext info
Q:Where in the movie perform we hear the track "Soldier" by Chapman?...from Paulin Seattle, WA(answer Paul"s question)
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