Neal tells Mozzie the he knows who the secret chess player is - it’s Keller. Keller is a man that Neal has constantly been competitive with – also including his relationship with Kate. Earlier at the station, Peter finds Neal researching the heist at the American Museum of organic History. A guy named Campos just gained released indigenous prison. Peter and also Neal walk to inspect out Neal’s hunch. On the method their, Peter virtually gets fight by a journey by, but misses and also another guy gets hit. The dead man walking was Campos. Peter asks Neal that the killer is and also he speak him the it is Keller. The Franklin bottle of wine is what Keller is after. Peter questions the key sommelier and also he gives them the broker name - grace Quinn. Neal walk to satisfy with Grace and ends up schmoozing his method into the wine cellar. Neal spies a short article card v the same stamp ~ above it. He opens up the book and finds a proviso to fulfill with Keller. Peter calls and tells Neal the Keller is functioning for someone bigger choose the Russian mob. It turns out that Keller is in a large amount of blame to them and by offering a fake party of wine, the will have the ability to pay back the money the owes. Once Neal and Keller lastly meet, Keller eggs Neal top top to virtually stepping the end of his fishing eye bracelet boundaries. Keller speak Neal the he wants to beat the video game with the again – this time he offers Neal a head start by offering him a replica of the alcohol bottle required in forging the Franklin. The next day, Neal speak Peter the this is the perfect way for lock to trap Keller in trying to market a fake. Neal enlists Mozzie’s help to replicate the Franklin bottle. The is a go until they reach a snag. Castle closed down brand-new entries. Neal convinces Peter this is the only way that they will catch Keller. They proceed with their plan. At the auction, they carry out all the testing and also it turns out the Keller’s party is real. Since of every the chaos, Keller’s party sells because that triple the amount that would have actually originally gotten. Neal realizes the Keller go this on purpose and grasps at straws to figure out exactly how to arrest him. They get him on trespassing. Neal provides Mozzie bid on the bottle of alcohol – for one million dollars. They pursue Keller and also catch the on the rooftop just before he leaves. Neal gets him to admit that he killed Campos and robbery and dealings v the mob. Peter come out and tells Keller that they space launching a complete blown investigation on the robbery. That agrees come go with the FBI instead of going to accomplish with the Russian mob boss empty handed. Mozzie notifies Neal that there is a many chatter about the music box. The Neal need to talk to Alex around it. Neal speak Mozzie that she won’t talk to the as lengthy as he’s through the FBI. Mozzie advises Neal to make it precious it come her.

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White Collar Season 1 episode 12 Quotes

Peter: girlfriend met him playing backgammon? Neal: that was simpler times.

Added: February 24, 2010

Who"s pulling the strings and also why execute I provide a damn?

Peter Added: February 24, 2010


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