Being in a band is awesome. But being in a band with every one of your friend is even more AWESOME! The tape gets their an initial nomination for a VMA, a garments line, and things gain a little wierd between Nat and Rosalina. Obtain ready to rock!

The tape is nominated because that their very first video music award and also the kids find us relying on your horoscopes for the day to determine the outcome.

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The ide behind their brand-new video shooting is the there space clones of every the band members that are taking over. Alex bring away this idea come heart and also becomes terrified the everyone approximately him is in reality an extraterrestrial clone.

Determined to prove to everyone (especially Rosalina) the he does indeed have actually a sense of humor, Nat make the efforts his hand at stand up comedy. As soon as his attempts fall flat, he has to go back to basics and also look closer to house for material.

Nat is amazed by Alex's capacity to cry actual tears, come feel things on a deep emotional level, and a gambling ensues that pipeline Alex through plenty that Nat's money and also pencil sharpener use.

Alex it s okay a garments line and is incredibly excited, till he sees the everyone, from his boy fans come the regional cops, is attract his "look".
The tape takes a day turn off to fight the beach and Thomas and also David decision they want as lot attention together Nat, therefore they fake a drowning and then a fainting. Unfortunately, your acting skills leave miscellaneous to be desired and also Qaasim has actually to concerned the rescue.
The tape is nominated for their first video music award and also the youngsters find themselves relying on their horoscopes for the job to recognize the outcome.
The band is nominated because that their very first video music award and the youngsters find themselves relying on their horoscopes because that the day to identify the outcome.
The Naked brothers Band and also a rival band, the L.A. Surfers discover themselves in ~ the facility of a heated fight of the bands for a charity event. Even more heated is the battle for Rosalina's heart in between Nat and also the command singer the the L.A. Surfers.
When Nat and also Rosalina find out they need to kiss in their new music video, they're both nervous, however for different reasons. Rosalina is conflicted about her feelings because that Nat - after ~ all, she's a teenager and also he's only 11.

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Alex asks Nat to compose a song for his brand-new friend Juanita the he deserve to premiere in ~ the upcoming plunder party because that the music videos. They both wake up the following morning through the perfect song in their head and secretly create it without telling the other.

Craaaaaazy car, to lead me no where