The Panamanian military arranges Michael to acquire a taste of solitary. T-Bag to make reservation a clues in the escape. Bellick’s life turns into an uphill battle. Susan trap Sucre.

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Serie: jail Break

Director: Craig Ross Jr.

Guest Star: Castulo Guerra, F.J. Rio, Jimmy Star, Reynaldo Gallegos


Search Party

Dory (Alia Shawkat), Portia (Meredith Hagner), Elliott (John Early) and Drew (John Reynolds) must address the disastrous consequences of properly tracking down lacking classmate Chantal (Clare McNulty) in season…


Warrior Nun

After waking up in a morgue, an orphaned teenager discovers she currently possesses superpowers as the liked Halo Bearer because that a mystery sect of demon-hunting Warrior Nun tv series…


Call my Agent!

In Paris, France, a team of movie-star agents go about their lives and also work, and they’ll have actually to figure out exactly how to carry on v the agency after the passing…


Black Summer

A mother, take it from her daughter, embarks upon a harrowing journey, preventing at nothing to discover her. Thrust alongside a small group that American refugees, she need to brave a hostile…

A visceral, emotional and also high-stakes portrayal of life in a british prison; note Cobden (Sean Bean) is consumed by guilt after accidentally death an chaste man. Agree his four year…

A imperial woman life in countryside Russia throughout the 18th century is compelled to choose between her own an individual happiness and also the future the Russia, once she marries one Emperor.

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