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GettyAHMEDABAD, INDIA - march 16: KL Rahul the India hits runs throughout the 3rd T20 International between India and England at Narendra Modi stadion on march 16, 2021 in Ahmedabad, India. England"s continuing to be three Twenty20 internationals against India will certainly be play behind closed doors to assist curb the spread of the Covid-19 in the state the Gujarat. (Photo by Surjeet Yadav/Getty Images)

India will be firm favourites when they confront Pakistan in the supervisor 12 of the 2021 ICC T20 Men’s world Cup ~ above Sunday. Captain Virat Kohli is at the helm for one of the many talented teams in the competition. It’s a various story because that Pakistan, through Babar Azam’s formation unable to match the star strength of their rivals.

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The video game at the Dubai international Stadium should be determined by India’s plethora of top quality players. KL Rahul and Virat Kohli will prosper with the bat, when Hardik Pandya, Jasprit Bumrah and Rahul Chahar will lead the attack in style. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s best means of earning a shock win will be the bowling that pacer Shaheen Afridi.

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In the unified States, the enhance (10 a.m. ET start time) isn’t ~ above TV, yet anyone in the US deserve to watch India vs Pakistan live top top ESPN+ right here:


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India vs Pakistan Preview

Kohli is surrounded by fellow stars indigenous the Indian Premier League, consisting of Rohit Sharma and Rishabh Pant. Sharma wasn’t in ~ his ideal for the Mumbai Indians, but the veteran all-rounder is usually exceptional for his country. He offered a reminder of his excellence at global level by belting a 60 native 41 balls to assist India beat Australia by eight wickets in a warm-up match on Wednesday.

It’s a similar story because that Pant, who right-handed batting format can enliven the center order. Trousers won’t it is in relied top top to make the India stimulate tick. That obligation will fall to Rahul, who have the right to handle the function as a typically prolific visibility at the crease. Rahul has actually arrived in ~ the tournament in special form, having actually hit 51 during a warm-up win over England.

Having Rahul lead the way means Kohli have the right to take the No. 3 clues in the Innings. It’s the right place for the 32-year-old come showcase his proficiency in this format. Pandya’s going to take it the sixth spot, where his large hitting will certainly make an impact.

Keeping a batting order this loaded under wraps is a challenging challenge, however Afridi has the skills to waver this match the way of Pakistan. ESPN Cricinfo’s Osman Samiuddin has defined how Afridi varies his deliveries and lulls batters into a false feeling of security:

If you space right-handed, the is most more than likely going come go really full and bring it earlier into you. Sometimes it’s pure banana-swing and if you’re lucky, it’s going to go down leg for wides, or strike you outside leg. Nice sighters when you think about it. Except, he is simply tuning his radar.

Mixing things up will be the best method to put a dent in India’s strong top order. It’s why Azam should likewise let Imad Wasim strike the wicket. He’s another left-hander, however one who deserve to take the pace off the ball, suitable trait on the slow-moving wicket in Dubai.

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Making an influence in prior of the wicket will be under to Azam. He’ll it is in dynamic as an opener, but Fakhar Zaman will once again it is in counted ~ above to advice the run total from his ar as third up in the order. Zaman showed the difference when Pakistan win India in the 2017 ICC champion Trophy Final, getting to 50 in a match-winning knock. A repeat would give the Shaheens a an excellent chance the producing an additional upset.