Deena and Mike invest some top quality time together, Sammi renders amends through the girls, and also Snooki it s okay arrested as soon as she"s caught drunk in public.

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Deena brings house a Ronnie look-alike, Snooki gets out of she post-arrest funk through the perfect juicehead, and things obtain ugly because that JWoww when she beginning spending time through an old friend.

Vinny brings house a girl with an overprotective family, the emphasize in the house boil over when Sammi the cross the line, and Mike diffusion a rumor around Deena.

Snooki meets a brand-new guy through a shady past, the ladies take a trip to a sex shop, and also Pauly makes tranquility with the infamous Danielle.

Sammi and also Ronnie"s partnership explodes together Ronnie destroys Sammi"s stuff, leading her to wonder whether she have to stay at the house.

Sammi spends time v her family, Vinny and also Pauly begin a prank war, Snooki hooks up v a acquainted face, and Deena i do not care a slopopotamus.
Snooki and also Deena take an unanticipated ride, Mike has actually a party for one once the guys ditch him because that dinner, and also Sammi renders her means back dearteassociazione.orge the house.
Snooki"s feelings for Vinny get dearteassociazione.orgplicated, plumbers find a nasty surprise in the house"s clogged toilet, and also the Meatballs gain their revenge ~ above Mike.
Pauly and also Vinny take it a road pilgrimage to visit family in Staten Island, JWoww gets suspicious of Roger, and Sammi find herself in the middle of a new fight over a guy.
Vinny gets his ears pierced, Pauly strikes the end at the club, and also Mike causes trouble in the house when he airs Sammi"s dirty laundry.
Danny has actually an end-of-summer barbecue v the crew, JWoww and Roger do it official, and also the roommates say goodbye to the house.
Snooki and Vinny define their relationship; JWoww speak us exactly how she yes, really feels around Roger; Deena clears up part rumors...for the record; and Sammi and also Ronnie talk about why they just couldn’t do it work.
The roommates obtain their passports prepared as they set off for a trip to the motherland, but acclimating to Italian society proves to it is in more daunting than they thought.
Pauly fears hooking up v Deena would ruin their friendship, the roommates begin a new job together, and also Mike provides a confession to Snooki.
Ron and also Sam rekindle your relationship, Deena pulls the can be fried robbery ~ above Mike and Vinny, and Snooki captures wind of the rumors Mike has been spreading around their alleged hookup.
Deena involves blows through the guys over a prank, Ron and Sam fall back into old habits, and a confrontation between Mike and Ron conveniently gets out of control.
Mike"s injuries send him to the hospital, Ron and also Sam involved terms around the future of their relationship, and also Pauly encounters an unweldearteassociazione.orging local at the club.
Snooki find it hard to it is in herself around Jionni, Pauly and Vinny take it on new personas, and Vinny steps in as Ron and also Sam continue to argue over their relationship.
The roommates set off for a relaxing beach getaway, but Deena and also Snooki"s drunken antics dearteassociazione.orge to be too lot for everyone.
Jionni"s arrival in Florence has Mike prepared to protect himself at all costs, and Snooki is left in shambles once Jionni reaches his limit v her wild behavior.
Jionni"s unwavering decision dearteassociazione.orge go home crushes Snooki, JWoww actions in as soon as Deena worries over a to let go period, and Mike do the efforts to relocate in top top Snooki together her partnership hangs in the balance.
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