Gossip Girl is return to HBO Max through a new reboot premiering July 8, featuring 10 juicy hour-long episodes featuring the original eponymous narrator Kristen Bell.

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The reboot will certainly take place eight year after the final surprising twist finishing that revealed the true identity of Gossip Girl. We've been clued in on exactly how stylish–and cool–the brand-new characters are, but don't know too numerous details around the brand-new reboot.

As us wait for the premiere, we're taking a look ago on the six initial seasons, in all its high-society new York glory. Here are the finest episodes the Gossip Girl, to record up top top while you wait because that the remake.


“The Pilot,” Season 1, episode 1

Of course, the very first episode of Gossip Girl has to be top top this list. The the development to every one of the characters and also their straightforward plotlines transparent the six seasons: Serena, who bites her lower lip and also falls for males within 5 minutes; Blair, that pretty much hates Serena however still acts favor her ideal friend; Daniel/Lonely boy (imagine that being your nickname, yikes), who creepy, stares longingly in the background, and also is low-key miserable; Nate, who doesn’t really serve lot of a purpose however is beautiful; Chuck, an odd 50-year-old in a 17-year-old body (he ultimately does undergo a rebrand); and Jenny, that longs for nothing more than to be a Manhattan elite.

It also introduces us to the truth that these sophomores in high institution attend parties on weekday far an ext than anyone rather does, and also that their original spreading for Eleanor Waldorf to be abysmal.

“Victor/Victrola,” Season 1, episode 7

The episode where Chuck and Blair's romance officially began. Bart bass is interested in buying a burlesque club, so he sends out his sophomore-in-highschool boy to go inspect it out. While he's there, Blair gets over she breakup v Nate through letting the all go on the burlesque stage–and Chuck's right into it. Climate Blair is an extremely into lining being right into it. So right into it that she loses her virginity come him in the back of his limo. Very different experiences from as soon as I was a sophomore in high school but an episode to remember.

“Blair Waldorf must Pie,” Season 1, illustration 9

Our introduction to the best of Gossip Girl: the Thanksgiving episodes. The introduce Thanksgiving episode has a small bit that everything: a glimpse in ~ just just how long Dan has actually been obsessed through his existing girlfriend, Serena; flashbacks come happier times at the Waldorf family prior to Blair’s dad left her mother for a hot male version named Roman; the reality that Lily van der Woodsen and also Rufus Humphrey room basically the adult version of Dan/Serena and also that they had a full-blown love story; and the reality that in spite of having a full spread the food on nearly every table in this show, the personalities never eat any type of of it.

“Desperately seek Serena,” Season 1, illustration 15

It's springtime in the Upper east Side which way it's time for us to all be introduced to the one and only Georgina Sparks. This episode really highlights what us all love about this show. It has actually amazing outfits and everyone's having cosmopolitans in bars on a institution night even though they're an alleged to be in what, the 10th grade? 

Blair Waldorf sabotages girl name Yuki prior to the SATs because she's Blair Waldorf. Nervous that Nelly will obtain a better score 보다 her and also take the only spot in Yale, Blair decides to destroy her chances of scoring fine by play the tune that reminds nelly of her ex-boyfriend – it's by Flo Rida – then making sure claimed boyfriend stops by to damage Nelly emotionally, then taking out she batteries of her calculator before the SATs. Justice because that Nelly Yuki even though she likes Flo Rida.


“Never been Marcused,” Season 2, illustration 2

Surprise! Blair Waldorf’s personality-less boyfriend is actually one English Lord. Surprise, component two! English Lord’s mommy is the older, married woman that Nate is having actually an to work with. Lock met in book club, because that’s totally normal for high-school students and also married women to it is in a component of one together.

Chuck decides to stir the pot and bring enlarge woman/Marcus’s mother to a party together his date (again, no okay), and also Kristen Bell/Gossip Girl sums up this illustration and all of its absurd plotlines rather succinctly v her voiceover, questioning, “What’s this? Chuck’s date and also Blair’s date are mother and also son? and also Nate and Blair are exes? and also Nate and also the mother are in a publication club? currently there’s a novel plot twist.” Couldn’t have actually said it far better myself, GG.

“New Haven have the right to Wait,” Season 2, episode 8

Serena and Blair space fighting again! other than this time it's at Yale! Serena decides to go visit, agree a an individual invitation indigenous the Dean the Yale himself. We watch the two fight it out for fist at an exclusive invite-only event, only to kiss-and-make-up the following day. Together always.

“Pret-a-Poor-J,” Season 2, episode 8

This episode centers approximately Jenny basically calling out just how unfair she unpaid internship come Eleanor Waldorf is, due to the fact that she’s making many of the designs, befriending model/feminist Agnes, and going behind Lonely Boy/her brother’s earlier to hook up v Nate in among his few age-appropriate relationships. So, in conclusion, we support Jenny and also this episode.

“The goodbye Gossip Girl,” Season 2, illustration 25

Everyone is graduating high school! S and B and also D and also N and also C space all so excited to leaving Constance Billard and also Gossip Girl behind. However during your graduation ceremony, Gossip Girl allows everyone recognize that castle can't really remove her the easily. S freaks out due to the fact that she assumed it would ultimately be the end of everyone understanding her business, so she decides to retaliate versus the one and also only GG. Gossip Girl decides to respond by sending out every single blast that anyone has ever before sent come GG. Spicy.

Also, chuck tells Blair he loves she for the first time in this episode. Rewatching the show and seeing exactly how problematic chuck Bass's personality is, and how he's basically provided a free pass come rebrand himself together a an ideal guy because that Blair Waldorf, it's not as cute. But it happened.


“The Freshmen,” Season 3, episode 2

We’ve do it come college. All the characters got into Ivy league schools critical season, also though castle are hardly ever seen act schoolwork, however for display purposes, most of them decide to walk to NYU. Blair Waldorf is no much longer Queen B—no one in ~ NYU cares about her headbands! Instead, they’re an ext interested in she roommate, Georgina, who’s back to wreak havoc. Vanessa i do not care romantically affiliated with an awkward man who ends up being—gasp!—Rufus and Lily’s an enig love child. Finally, and most importantly, Blair and also Chuck are really cute in this one.

“Dan de Fleurette,” Season 3, episode 4

This episode has a lot of surprises. The introduction to Hillary Duff as a actors member in season three! Tyra financial institutions as an emotionally actress who takes advice from Serena! and also finally, small J ending up being the new Queen B that Constance Billard: reluctant at first, yet then finishing the episode by demanding she minions to “make sure a yogurt is wait for her on the actions of the Met.”

“They shoot Humphreys, Don't They?,” Season 3, episode 9

Little J is strength hungry! She's decided she doesn't just want to be Queen B of the school, but is setup her eyes on an entire borough: The Upper eastern Side. She pulls a page out the Blair Waldorf's playbook and orders she minions to check the hottest day to Cotillion ~ above Jenny's behalf. But, Eric is over Jenny and her power trip so that decides come sabotage her day plans so that his own boyfriend have the right to be her escort. When Jenny finds out, chaos ensues, and also she decides to upstage everyone and their days by arriving with the one and only Nate Archibald. Impressive.

“The treasure of Serena Madre,” Season 3, episode 11

Nothing claims Thanksgiving like a chaotic, unhinged storyline top top Gossip Girl. Or several.

Serena is having actually an affair with Nate's cousin, Tripp, that is likewise married. Also he's she boss. For this reason they decision to spend the holiday apart. But then Lily runs into Tripp's wife, Maureen, ~ above the street, and they're both attract the exact same Red Valentino tweed jacket! therefore of course, Lily invites Maureen and also Tripp to dinner v her family, and chaos ensues. 

This episode concerns a climax at the Thanksgiving dinner table, when Lily finds the end Serena is in reality in a connection with a much older, married man, and also Jason Derulo's “Whatcha Say” plays as everyone exit the table. 

“Double Identity,” Season 4, illustration 2

So much has happened in such a quick amount the time. Lining was shot and mugged in Paris and also is currently being taken care of by Fleur Delacour from Harry Potter and also the Goblet that Fire. Dan think he has actually a baby through Georgina, Blair and Chuck reunite because that a fleeting moment prior to she realizes she should let that go, and also then Blair meets a member of the royal household of Monaco in ~ a museum when staring in ~ a painting. She then provides him among her roger Vivier heels to uncover her with. How deserve to you no love this show?

“Juliet doesn’t Live below Anymore,” Season 4, episode 8

In this episode, we concerned learn that Nate’s brand-new romantic interest, Juliet, is actually obsessed with taking down Serena, thanks to a an extremely interesting backstory. She’s likewise the cousin of Serena’s professor/love interest, Colin (again v the not-okay-whatsoever relationships), and also is lying around being rich and lives in a studio in an “unsafe neighborhood,” follow to Vanessa, therefore it’s most likely a yes, really nice ar in Manhattan. Prior to Juliet and Vanessa deserve to expose Serena’s affair v her professor—which most likely should have actually been exposed—Team Constance Billard protect Serena and also kick Juliet out of Manhattan, because they very own the city.

“The Townie,” Season 4, illustration 11

We're not in the Upper east Side anymore! Dan and Blair have left Manhattan and also are trying to uncover out what really taken place when Serena remained in boarding school. This episode has it all: Dan and also Blair gift an (unlikely) remarkable duo, flashbacks come Serena's wild past in boarding school, a glimpse right into why Juliet in reality hated Serena, and also answers to all the concerns we've had actually in the past few episodes.

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“Yes, then Zero,” Season 5, illustration 1

Upper east Side meets 90210. In this juicy episode, Serena is interning on a movie set: a full-blown functioning gal. Nate and Chuck pertained to visit she on set, where Chuck describes he has actually a brand-new philosophy top top life, which requires him speak “yes” to everything. (Inspiring.) Nate pretty lot does nothing in this episode yet look beautiful, as usual, until he meets a very hot older mrs (how go they get Elizabeth Hurley top top this show?) and suddenly has actually a objective again. And also 19-year-old Blair has her wedding dress fitting v Prince Louis, where another bombshell drops: she’s pregnant. Again, how can you not love this show?

“Rhodes to Perdition,” Season 5, episode 9

In this episode, Serena is right into Max, who Serena’s cousin Charlie’s ex-boyfriend. They’ve every gathered together to celebrate their dear old grandm Cece in ~ a fabulous Studio 54 party, whereby Fake Cousin Charlie is do the efforts to acquire her trust money money native Cece to share through her fake mom, Carol, Serena’s aunt. Max exposes the whole lie, explaining the Charlie is in fact a broke actress named Ivy, however CeCe defends her, saying, “I recognize in mine bones the this is mine granddaughter,” that up till a few months ago, she’d never ever met, also though she’s the same age as Serena. The illustration ends through Fake Charlie/Ivy securing her standing as a Rhodes, and saying bye-bye to among the only somewhat honest personalities on this show, Max, explaining, “I’m a Rhodes now.” Delicious!

“Crazy, Cupid, Love,” Season 5, illustration 15

It's Valentine's job in the Upper east Side! You recognize what that means. A high-school themed party. 

Nate throw a party and decides to rental his new friend/love-interest's catering company. His new friend is Lola, who is actually Serena's genuine cousin who Fake Cousin Charlie is trying to impersonate. Blair tries to gain Serena and also Dan ago together, but turns out that Dan actually simply wants Blair and also decides come kiss she instead. Georgina records the totality thing and Serena is in shock and betrayed. Usually the very same plotline native every season prior to that requires Blair, Serena, and also someone else. 

“Dirty Rotten Scandals,” Season 6, illustration 3

So much has happened since season five. Serena is date Matt native 7th Heaven. His daughter, that is in high school, is date Nate (again, why to be this okay?), and also is usually a mini Queen B. Fake Cousin Charlie/Ivy is now dating Rufus, and the iconic girl name Yuki returns together a Women’s stay Daily editor who trashes Blair’s fashion show, i m sorry Blair blames ~ above Serena because, as everyone knows, Blair hates Serena. Together usual, Dorota and Chuck and Blair’s partnership are the highlights the this episode, and it ends on a high note, v Dorota offering Blair some words the wisdom and strength: “You will make miss out on Eleanor proud.”

“New York, i Love You,” Season 6, episode 10

Bart bass (who passed away in a vault season yet is revealed come be an extremely much alive) actually dies after make the efforts to attack Chuck. Then we uncover out that Lonely Boy is Gossip Girl (possibly the many disappointing ending of a present until season eight that Game that Thrones), and also Serena backs the up since all Serena cares around is the truth that he’s obsessed through her. Chuck and Blair obtain married in main Park, and also the episode ends v a flash-forward numerous years to their cute son, and also the whole crew acquiring ready for Serena and also Dan’s wedding in one apartment. The finishing cuts come a montage the Gossip Girl saying she will always be around, and also that the continuous need for gossip is what keeps she going.