Although, it might seem together if Amber Riley spends her time ~ above bothDisney studios filming for an excellent Luck Charlie and a Fox filming forone the the finest shows out there, Glee ;she isn"t. The in reality girlwho dram Ivy Wentz, Teddy"s finest friend, name is RavenGoodwin.

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They execute have comparable features so that is why anyone thinks thegirl play Ivy is Amber Riley.

I myself assumed that the girl that played Ivy Wentz was AmberRiley yet on it shows all the cast and crew for great LuckCharlie.

Actually, raven as appeared in much more show 보다 Amber.

Raven Goodwin is best know because that her function as Tangie Cunningham inNickelodeon"s "Just Jordan".

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She additionally appears in the newest Monday night should see televisionseries on ABC family members "HUGE" as Becca Huffstatter.

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