If you’re favor everyone in ~ the last wedding i was at, you fear the dance floor prefer it is a cut down of embarrassment. Maybe you acquire out there throughout dance songs favor The Cha Cha Slide and also Macarena since those moves have been engraved in your memory since the roller rink. Otherwise, you spend the rest of the melody at the sidelines or the bar line.

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It’s time to add a new dance for all those jams that aren’t “YMCA.” The Cupid Shuffle spawned from the 2007 tune by hip-hop artist, Cupid is quiet going strong. It is a popular, easy-to-learn, heat dance that have the right to groove to any type of song with slight changes in rate and number of counts based on the beat.

By the moment you’re done reading the adhering to steps, you will do it be the do not be afraid one ~ above the dance floor relocating everybody come join.

Step 1:

Step to the Right. Standing straight, step sideways to her right, bringing her feet along with each step, for eight counts (four steps). Insanity the floor v the round of your left foot ~ above the final count.

Step 2:

Step come the Left. Repeat, stepping to the left this time. You’ll end up earlier where girlfriend started. Insanity the floor with the round of your appropriate foot on the last count.

Step 3:

Heel Switch. Standing in place, transition your ideal foot in former of you, tapping her heel on the floor. That’s one count. Repeat ~ above the left foot.

Switch heels, alternative tapping in between left and also right for eight counts (four counts per foot).

Step 4:

Walk the by Yourself. Take eight counts to rotate a quarter way to your left. This is the part of the track Cupid sings “Walk it by yourself” include a an individual sway or shake and have fun v your motion as you turn. Protect against at eight counts. Facing a brand-new direction, start the dance again.

The great thing about the Cupid Shuffle is the range of category it have the right to pair with and also the freedom your body needs to move with the steps, providing it a different feel every time.

Whether the DJ spins rock, country, rap, R&B, blues or folk, you’ll have actually this go-to-dance relocate in your pocket together you leaving your are afraid on the chair and also step approximately the dance floor.

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Find examples on YouTube by simply typing in the find box: “The Cupid Shuffle”


Bri Kilroy is a cool Valley and also AmeriCorps alumna who learned to form through vigorous Mavis Beacon trainings. She also passes together an artist, illustrator and author the this bio.