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Good morning folks.I to buy my provided 2001 Turbo Beetle critical week and have been reading and also reading and also reading below on the forum. Lots of information to absorb.Question for the experienced gurus: The blue coolant symbol mister on when I first start my car. It goes turn off after a minute or two.I did perform a pair different searches, yet the find criteria i was utilizing didn"t revolve anything up.My coolant level is good, it to be low and I topped that off.Is this a stuck coolant level sensor problem in the reservoir?Thanks ahead of time,Dan
Re: Blue Coolant irradiate on v my Beetle (VDub Dan-O)Blue is cold, red is hot. The coolant icon is supposed to come on blue and stay on till the coolant it s okay a tiny warmed up. Climate it walk out. Over there is an audio warning in addition to the coolant icon lighting red once there is an overheating problem. Entirely normal, compose up is in the manual.

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Supposed to be 77käfer, however there space no umlauts on one american key-board Overheard ~ above 27 June 07, one lady to one more when they observed my Harli in a parking lot in ~ West Point, "maybe he uncovered it ~ above the clearance aisle in ~ the Volkswagen dealer"
Re: Blue Coolant irradiate on through my Beetle (77kafer)
Neat, therefore it"s stays blue till the vehicle warms increase a little as a reminder to no beat ~ above the cold engine.That"s a an excellent idea!I"m not brand-new to increased cars, just boosted Beetles.



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