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Good morning folks.I bought my supplied 2001 Turbo Beetle last week and also have been reading and analysis and analysis right here on the forum. Tons of info to absorb.Question for the proficient gurus: The blue coolant symbol pops on once I initially start my car. It goes off after a minute or 2.I did perform a pair various searcs, but the search criteria I was making use of didn"t rotate anypoint up.My coolant level is great, it was low and also I topped it off.Is this a stuck coolant level sensor worry in the reservoir?Thanks ahead of time,Dan
Re: Blue Coolant Light on through my Beetle (VDub Dan-O)Blue is cold, red is warm. The coolant icon is meant to come on blue and remain on till the coolant gets a tiny wequipped up. Then it goes out. Tright here is an audio warning in addition to the coolant icon lighting red as soon as tright here is an overheating difficulty. Totally normal, compose up is in the manual.

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Supposed to be 77käfer, however tright here are no umlauts on an amerideserve to key-board Overheard on 27 June 07, one lady to one more when they saw my Harli in a parking lot at West Point, "perhaps he found it on the clearance aisle at the Volkswagen dealer"
Re: Blue Coolant Light on through my Beetle (77kafer)
Neat, so it"s stays blue until the automobile warms up a little bit as a reminder to not beat on the cold engine.That"s an excellent idea!I"m not brand-new to raised cars, just increased Beetles.



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