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(adj) moderate, sparing, defined by abstinence and self disciplineThe abstemious girl moderated her intake the sugar due to the fact that she had diabetes. Synonyms: temperate, sober, moderateAntonyms: indulgent, immoderate, intemperate
(adj) deserving of reprimand or correctionThe censurable tape to be taken away by the teacher and the holder was punished harshly.Synonyms: blameworthy, discreditable, reprehensibleAntonyms: commendable, laudable, meritorious
(adj) likely but not specific to happen, dependency on uncertain events or conditions, keep going by chance(n) a representative team forming component of a larger bodyThe contingent conference would happen by chance.In MUN we were considering creating a contingent advertisement breaking away from the larger groupSynonyms:(adj.) conditional, dependent,(n) a detachmentAntonyms:(adj.) independent of, unconnected with, certain
(v) to check or make certainI shall corroborate v the manager come make particular that we have our reservation. Synonyms:to confirm, come make much more certainAntonyms: refute, contradict, undermine, discredit
(n) one inhabitant or resident, one who frequents a placeThe pat i remained in was called The Foreigner, denizen method the opposite.Synonyms:resident, dweller, habitueAntonyms: alien, outsider, stranger, foreigner
(adj) pass aimlessly native one location or subject to another, rambling, roving, nomaticHis discursive wandering made that wander into a bad neighborhood. Synonyms: digressive, diffuse, wandering, episodicAntonyms: short and also to the point, succinct
(v) come scatter widelyA rumor is certain to disseminate quickly in a tiny school. Synonyms: disperse, publicize, broadcast, circulateAntonyms: bring together, concentrate, muster, conceal, hide
(adj) poorly pull or shabby, lacking smartness or good tasteHer dowdy attire looked shabby and also tacky compared to the elegant and chic costume the rather wore. Synonyms: frumpy, tacky, frowsy, drabAntonyms: chic, stylish, elegant, fashionable
(adj) very colored, reddish, excessively ornate, showyThe florid dress was therefore ornate and frilly the it made the rather pale in comparison.Synonyms: flushed, ruddy, flowery, frilly, flamboyantAntonyms: pale, ashen, pallid, sallow, austere, stark
(v) come impose through fraud, to happen off together worth or genuine, to bring about by stealth, dishonesty, or coercionThe man tried to foist my current as his by switching the cards.Synonyms: pass off, palm off, fob off
(adj) awkward, doing not have in society graces, tactless, clumsyFrom Twilight, gauche Bella slips on ice and also falls. Synonyms: inept, uncouth, maladroitAntonyms: adroit, tactful, diplomatic, politic
(n) one opinion different from welcomed belief, the rejection of an idea the is generally held sacredI think in reincarnation which is considered heresy various from my religious beliefs Christianity. Synonyms: unorthodox belief, heterodoxyAntonyms: orthodox
(v) to impress on the mental by repetition, teach persistently and also earnestlyIf i deserve to inculcate this words into my head i am certain i have the right to pass this test. Synonyms: instill, implant, infuse, ingrain, imbueAntonyms: efface, extirpate, source out
(adj) qualified of being touched or felt, conveniently seen, heard, or recognized The palpable friend is much better than mine old imaginary friend.Synonyms: tangible, plain, obvious, manifestAntonyms: intangible, insubstantial, incorporeal

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(adj) having actually sympathetic insight or understanding, capable of keen appreciationGandhi to be a perceptive man who witnessed the world and wanted to settle it. Synonyms: Insightful, discerning, observantAntonyms: dense, thick, obtuse, dim-witted