Vanessa Villanueva is an American actress and also entrepreneur that is now much better known for her relationship, gift the ex-wife kris Pérez. The actress and her renowned guitarist former husband were married for 7 years, from 2001 come 2008 as soon as they divorced. Because then, Vanessa has continued to preserve a really private life, channeling all her energy into she career and also children.

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Profile of Vanessa Villanueva

Name: Venessa SolizDate the birth: 1971Age: 51 year oldProfession: Actress and also businesswomanCurrent Husband: Henry SolizFormer Husband: kris PerezChildren: Cassie and Noah Perez

Who is Vanessa Villanueva?

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As stated, Vanessa is an American actress and businesswoman. Return there have actually been countless misconceptions around her really year that birth, we recognize that Venessa was born in 1971 in corpus Christi, Texas, the USA whereby she was also brought up.

The parental of the actress were initially Mexicans who migrated to the States in search of a far better life, and it was after they relocated that they had their daughter.

As regards her education, that is well-known that she checked out the university of California in Los Angeles. Also though there has actually been no clear picture of how her job path has actually moved through the years, she was part of the Camera and also Electrical department in the do of the 2011 film, Memphis Rising: Elvis Returns.

In 2015, she appeared as Gaby Valdez in the TV series, forget Memories. Due to the fact that then, she name has actually not been discussed as one actress.

Vanessa and Chris started Dating In The late 1990s

It remained in 1997 that Perez and also Vanessa an initial met through the command singer the his band, john Garza. They did not date for a really long time prior to they made decision to get married in 2001. Before then, the pair had already had their very first child together, Cassie.

Before their courses crossed, chris was as soon as married to Selena Quintanilla-Pérez, whom he worked with as a guitarist in her band. Lock married in 1992 however only 3 year later, the singer who was considered to be among the biggest Mexican-American singers and also nicknamed the “Queen that Tejano music”, to be murdered in 1995, ending their marital relationship of 3 years.

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Almost 3 years after ~ the fatality of Selena, he met Vanessa that was stated, walked down the aisle through him in 2001. The pair was blessed through two children; noah Pérez that was born in 2005 and then Cassie who was born in December 1998.