The founder of valve Camp Hardware, Cortland valve Camp (1852-1923), was born in Metamora, Indiana, in Franklin County. He to be the child of Gilbert C. Valve Camp and also Hester woman Raymond. His father moved to Greensburg in 1853 whereby he developed a store and also tin shop. The family members moved native Greensburg to Indianapolis in 1860, whereby Van Camp’s father founded the van Camp Packing firm in 1861, which later became Stokely-Van Camp.

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Van Camp join his dad in the food pack business, however by 1876, the “had become an extremely weary of the perishable nature of the business” and also wanted to sell assets “that would not freeze or decay, comparatively cost-free from hazard, and that would certainly be as an excellent in winter together the summer.” He marketed his interest in van Camp packing to enter the everyone hardware business, taking over the firm of Anderson, Bullock & Schofield, which was located on southern Meridian Street, and soon after consolidated that service with the hefty hardware certain (also explained as an “iron business”), own by J. A. Hanson and D. C. Bergundthal.

Renamed Hanson-Van Camp, the company sold blacksmith supplies, general store goods, and general hardware. When Hanson retired in 1886, the company became valve Camp Hardware & steel Company. It incorporated in 1893. By that time its line of products had broadened to encompass tinners’ supplies, woodwork for carriages and also wagons, and also guns. It also was renowned for that fishing equipment.

Van Camp increased greatly in the an initial half the the 20th century to come to be the largest hardware certain in the state. The firm sent salesman transparent Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Kentucky, and also Ohio, and also Iowa, and also it developed massive 2,000-page catalogs that consisted of thousands that items. Because that 20 years, its headquarters was situated on southern Illinois Street, however as business increased, the eventually additionally had seven warehouses scattered across the city. Come centralize the business under one roof, van Camp purchase a tract of land at the southwest edge of Maryland and Missouri streets. In 1906, an eight-story framework at 401 West Maryland Street came to be its new home.

Van Camp was energetic in the business until his death. By the mid-1950s the agency boasted 80,000 items in stock, through 100 sales staff and 200 various other employees. Van Camp Hardware continued to be at that Maryland Street ar until 1961 and also continued in household hands till 1967. Its last move was to the 5000 block the West 86th Street. The firm name eventually readjusted to Graystone coporation, group in 1976, and also the primary offices relocated to new York City. Graystone dissolved in 1977.


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