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I was offered a stainless security six 2 3/4” in really an excellent condition in trade for mine Glock 19 Gen4 , i don’t see numerous security six’s easily accessible these days, I understand they are a tough and also reliable workhorse...I’m not certain of the period of the gun, no crate or anything with it.The gentlemen that has actually it purchased that used ago in the at an early stage 1980’s and it’s spent most of that is life in a dresser drawer, he simply happened to like my coyote tan G19 and offered to trade the Ruger because that it, seeing the I’ve tried to buy this revolver number of times native him, I’m probably going come trade.the way I view it , I can get another 19 any kind of day of the week.thoughts, opinions evaluate !If i do acquire it, it’ll get in my carry rotation, wouldn’t be a for sure queen or collectible.

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Were there less stainless 2 3/4” made, I’ve watched the blue several times, just stainless I’ve ever before seen though.
Anything is precious what someone is ready to pay for it. The said, and assuming the six is in close to mint or very good condition, it"s most likely worth at least $400 come $500. That additionally assumes that is .357 and also not chambered only for .38 sp. Typically, SS does fetch a bit an ext than blued steel. Around 3 year ago, i picked increase a blued, minty, defense Six with a 4-inch barrel. I think ns paid approximately $500 because that it. Some might say ns overpaid, yet I really want it. Quick forward to around a year ago, I found a SS Speed 6 in 9mm v a 3-inch barrel. Again, some could say i paid too much for it, yet to me, it is (was) somewhat of a unicorn gun. So, it need to come as no surprise when I imply that (assuming the six is in an excellent shape), you do the trade.
Call me crazy but, I believe that SS must be worth more. In CA, they"ll fetch closer to $800+. Simply check roughly Gunbroker because that some concepts of value. Together for me, I"d take that deal and also make sure no cops were around to arrest me because that robbing the guy.
I"d make that trade in a heartbeat, if i owned a glock (which ain"t gonna happen).Not unusual to see a stainless defense Six because that $600. And also you space right, castle are maybe the best revolver ever made. Built like a tank, v a rugged beauty.
If it"s in great condition and also you really prefer it, execute the trade. The fact there are so countless still approximately in good shape ~ 30-40 year is a testament to fine they were built. I freshly bought two rate Sixes and may have actually over paid, yet they to be "worth it" to me. We require pics when/if you acquire it.
This is straightforward one - correct! I"m no a large Glock fan. I bought a brand-new 4" stainless defense Six in the so late 70"s. I carried it together a duty weapon and also it has had untold number of .38 Spec and .357 Mag rounds with it. The doesn"t look as an excellent as it did, however it tho shoots as well as ever.
You’d it is in coming out ahead, glock 19’s are easy to discover on armslist a 2 3/4 security six no come approximately often and the much shorter barrels bring more money than the 4 and 6”.
Yeah, I would certainly be ~ above that profession in a heartbeat! Not certain the Ruger is worth the much more than the Glock, I simply love the stainless Security-six in that barrel length.

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I would take the deal and run. The last two 4" security 6"s top top GB marketed for $680 and $655. I had actually a fellow at the range let me shoot his blue 4" protection 6 last week and also it to be love atfirst bang. The recoil appeared to shift straight ago up mine forearm with no hand slap andit was dead solid accurate. I had to have actually one.I"m the guy that payment $655.
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