Are girlfriend a coin collector or silver hobbyist? look at no additional than the 1924 tranquility Silver Dollar worth review. The 97-year-old coin is tho a highly sought-after collectible in pristine condition. It features the file bust of miss out on Liberty, popularly watched on brand-new York’s Liberty statute.

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The 1924 silver dollar is worth a solitary dollar at face value. However, the is 90 % silver, and also worth between $25 and also $115.

Read on come learn about this top coin, fun facts, value at numismatic markets, and also a couple of frequently request questions.

What is the 1924 peace Silver Dollar?

It is just one of the critical circulating silver dollars, win in 1924 to commemorate the end of the very first World War. The 1924 tranquility coin is a silver money designed by Anthony de Francisci, a 34-year-old designer and also sculptor.

History of 1924 peace Silver Dollar


The coin’s background dates earlier to so late 1921 as soon as there was an poor supply of silver- dollars in circulation. Previously, a many silver had substantial use in the to produce of weapons used for war. So, there to be a far-reaching reduction of silver- dollars in use, a instance that motivated lobbying for more production.

As a result, the main mint in Philadelphia took on a substantial rollout of silver dollar coins between 1921-1928 and also 1934-1935. However, quickly after production, the main mint stopped striking silver dollar coins in 1935.

Reason for Minting

The 1924 tranquility Silver Dollar came from a dire have to commemorate the official end of the an initial World War. Five years ~ the war, the citizens proficient a renewed hope to enjoy tranquility using the newly struck peace dollar.

Besides, America was in a state of financial regression, caused by money inadequacy. As a result, Nevada senator vital Pittman sponsored an act the legalized silver dollars into bullion. The legislation further permitted the sale of the bullions and directed the mint to acquisition not much more than 350,000,000 silver- dollars to develop silver dollar currencies.

The us mint deliberately moved to change the Morgan silver- dollars rendered useless by the Pittman Act. The act was a federal regulation sponsored by the climate Nevada senator, vital Pittman.

In addition, the coin to be a dream come true for Anthony’s wife, Teresa. She missed a opportunity to act as an American goddess in a high institution drama from historical accounts. As a result, she always felt upset whenever she collection eyes ~ above the Liberty statue, symbolic the the American goddess.

When she husband Anthony landing an possibility to architecture the country’s tranquility silver dollar, that honored his mam by using her portrait together the version for the coin. Using Teresa’s photo would be a exceptional fulfillment of his wife’s old dream.


Production of the 1924 peace silver developed at 2 mints, namely Philadelphia and San Francisco. The key mint produced 11,811,000 pieces, while the branch mint at san Francisco just struck 1,728,000 piece of the peace silver. In total, both mints struck 13,530,000 peace silver dollars.

Features that the 1924 tranquility Silver Dollar

Like other silver tranquility dollars, the 1924-dollar coin has subtle attributes on both obverse and also reverse sides. The most notable is the youthful portrait of a young lady that wears a ray-like crown.

Below space standard functions you’ll uncover on a 1924 peace silver dollar:

Obverse (Head) Features


The obverse attributes a file bust of miss Liberty dealing with left. She attract a crown through sparkling rays radiating from her head. The lady in the portrait has actually a classic hairstyle v a few hair tide hanging low.

Above she head is an inscription “LIBERTY” in block letters along the top rim. The coin’s year that mint appears as 1924 along the lower edge that the coin. Slightly above the year of worry is the sculptor’s initials written as “AF.”

The 1924 tranquility silver also has an engraving “IN GOD us TRVST” composed in a straight-line text on the lower portion. However, designer Anthony de Francisci deliberately put “V” instead of “U” in the word “TRUST.” Reliably, De Francisci aimed come celebrate America’s win after the famous civilization war.

Reverse (Tail) Features


The reverse features a perched, outright eagle top top a rock and facing right. The eagle hold an olive branch ~ above its claws to symbolize peace. In addition, bands the arrows radiate native the surrounding ground to represent the country’s military strength.

The reverse likewise features “E PLURIBUS UNUM” and also “UNITED claims OF AMERICA” along the top edge. The coin’s confront value appears as “ONE DOLLAR” in a right line the text and the indigenous “PEACE” along the lower edge.

Mint marks

A mint mark shows the origin of the mint the struck the coin, and also the 1924 silver dollar is no exception. Together a basic rule, every coins struck in ~ the central minting bureau at Philadelphia execute not have actually mint marks. Silver coins struck in ~ the branch mint in san Francisco have a mint note “S.”

Metal Used

The silver dollar is a composite coin through a leading silver content. It consists of 90% silver and 10% copper.

Weight and Dimensions

The 1924 tranquility silver weighs 26.73 grams and also has a diameter the 38.10 mm.

Value that the 1924 peace Silver Dollar


The 1924 peace currency has substantial value both together a collectible and also numismatic coin. Look at how an important the coin is in ~ the pawnshop and numismatic markets.

Denominational Value

On the coin’s reverse, the value shows up as 1 dollar. It is, therefore, precious a dissension at face value.

Melt worth (Weight in Metal)

The silver currency consists of 90% silver and weighs 0.7735 ounces in silver- content. Currently, the silver- spot price stands in ~ $22.52. Therefore, it has a silver- melt value of $17. 42.

What Is the 1924 tranquility Silver Dollar worth at the Pawnshop?

At the pawnshop, a 1924 piece silver dollar is worth $25 in an extremely fine condition. If you have actually it in incredibly fine condition, pawnbrokers will award friend $28 for the coin. An uncirculated ms 60 will earn you around $35 or more, when a 1924 S disagreement of the exact same grade is worth about $300.

The typical Value that the 1924 peace Silver

Currently, the standard value because that the 1924 silver stands at $26. However, the price is an typical estimate given by coin trackers and may be slightly higher or lower by a few cents.

Comparison Table mirroring the value of the 1924 peace Silver Coin

Condition (Grade)19241924 S
Extremely Fine$20.88$26.91


Factors that affect the 1924 peace Silver dissension Value


Since its very first roll-out in 1924, the silver- dollar is virtually a century old. Hence, it payment to have actually a coin that collectors prefer. Below are components that determine the value of the coin:

1. Grade

Depending top top its great or condition, your coin might be precious tens, hundreds, or countless dollars. You might spend time judging the level the wear ~ above images and inscriptions to recognize its value. Besides, you may attain expert grading solutions from a coin expert.

Below are the 4 primary grades of 1924 silver:

Uncirculated (MS 65)

The highest grade in uncirculated condition depicts a silver- coin with a solid eye appeal and also luster. The may have a couple of contact marks, however all features are quiet visible.

About Uncirculated (MS 60)

In this condition, the coin should retain many of its unique features with visible but minimal wear. That is bright, sparkling, and has an attractive silver- luster. However, the coin may have minor stains, surface marks, or abrasions.

Extremely Fine

In this condition, your coin lacks some features and begins to reap premium values. Collectors might only accept slight wear, particularly on the greatest parts the the coin’s design. The money should have an apparent fullness that the round functions on miss out on Liberty’s hair. The hairband in ~ the earlier should it is in bold, with only a slim merging with the surrounding details. Additionally, the feather on the eagle’s wings might be slightly faint yet still visible.

Very Fine

Your coin has visible indicators of scratches, although some hairs strands close to the ears room still intact. Some sections of the eagle’s feather on the ideal edge might still be visible.

Mint note “S”


In 1924, the san Francisco branch mint just accounted because that 14% of the complete production out of the silver- dollars struck. As a result, 1924 silver- dollars bearing the note “S” are scarce and an ext valued 보다 their Philadelphia counterparts. An uncirculated 1924 S with an multiple sclerosis 60 grade will fetch as lot as $235 or more.

Mint Errors

Although tranquility dollars have actually a couple of mint errors contrasted to the Morgan silvers, they quiet occur. The most usual error top top a 1924 peace dollar is a double strike, whereby both the obverse and also reverse may have comparable images. So, if you have actually a 1924 silver error coin, be certain to preserve it since it is a priceless rarity.


1. What is the highest Auction Price for the 1924 tranquility Dollar?

The highest possible price videotaped for the 1924 peace silver coin remained in 2005. The old currency earned a lining $54,625 in ~ a windy auction. According to grading criter by PCGS, that made an ms 68 grade.

2. Are 1924 peace Silver Dollars rare?

The 1924 worry is among the many common series in both circulated and uncirculated conditions. Therefore, over there is no scarcity the 1924 silver coins.

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3. Whereby is the Mint note on the 1924 tranquility Dollar Located?

The 1924 silver mint mark appears on the turning back side that the coin below the word “ONE.”

Winding Up: Is the 1924 peace Silver worth it?

The silver- dollar has actually value not just as a numismatic coin, however silver bullion. Coin collectors crave that numismatic value in uncirculated condition, while silver- investors eye that high silver- content.

A sparkling silver luster, a high silver content, and more than $300 in uncirculated condition, all do it a an excellent investment. For questions on exactly how to grade your coin, call us today!