What v-strings really are to countless are a different type of thong or g-string, as soon as in truth its a term supplied as a branding, fairly than gift anything an ext interesting.

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What are v-strings is a g-string only, nothing more, nothing less. It as soon as meant the 'V' shape fabric linked to the waistband in the behind is cut-out, currently its a term solely used by Victoria's Secret. Its not a term used elsewhere in the word various other than the USA - name v-string can be provided to describe a thong.

I can't think the name v-string as adjusted so much over the years, because what it method today was not just how it was explained a te ago.

To describe a v-string a human would be interested in usually what would certainly be a regular g-string, through all the benefits of it being made up of greatly strings.

Only the difference being the v-string has actually a hole cut-out. Nothing sexual at all, that just has the towel cut-out from the tiny upside down triangle solved to the top rear end.

Rarely now would you see a g-string important classed as a v-string, yet if the did only VS would speak to it for this reason - as the carriers name has a many in typical with the term, v-string - if you can figure it out for yourself...

No, well usually the V and S in v-string is the initials the Victoria's Secret, for this reason the firm using it as a sort of brand name, even today.

However to watch a true v-string in their main collection or the PINK range, would be a rare one together they don't do or offer this kind very regularly.

Today, when a v-string have the right to mean any type of g-string, the can likewise refer come a classic thong or any underwear in that style.

Not only are v-strings and g-strings similar in appearance, but anything from lull to to the right is no various either.

Basically a g-string

To placed it bluntly, a v-string is pretty lot a g-string, but depending top top the store you purchase g-strings native or who you speak too, they're similar underwear.

G-strings are recognized for your strings only approach and so are v-strings.

The big front panel and tiny rear triangle dashboard is connected with a cable waistband, together it is with a small g-string.

V-strings, much like g-strings, have the right to be in every shapes and also sizes, v decoration or a mix of cloth in use.

But what it can never be is a full thong, as it would defeat the purpose.

What space v-strings space basically g-strings, however previously you can tell lock apart through one significant feature, and that is a feet cut-out in the rear fabric.

V-shape CUT-OUT in rear

If you consider a typical g-string that has actually a large triangle spanning the pubis, together with a smaller sized rear triangle associated to the waistband, its this tiny triangle the is different.

Rather 보다 the whole tiny triangle filled in with towel - v it being noodle or nylon - this item is removed.

Hence the triangle is made to appear like a v-shape, so there comes the name v-string.

And that differentiates a g-string native a v-string, the material that is in the rear end as been cut-out with only seams or edging maintaining the v-string together.

Perhaps a little sexier than an already sexy g-string however the cut-out feet serves no various other purpose than a different architecture - the is before Victoria's an enig got host of it.

What else I have the right to say is the style of v-strings, simply as g-strings, are not really comfortable in most circumstances.

What Victoria's secret call g-strings

Now i can't be right for sure yet I think the usage of the surname v-string to be coined by Victoria's an enig in a means to promote your g-string range.

It was perfect, the 'V and S' in v-string were the carriers initials, for this reason it had actually the creating on the wall surface from the start.

So if you were to hear words v-string, it deserve to be a direct reference to a VS g-string, or the human being in concern as no idea the name g-string is much more appropriate.

Remarkably, also to this day Victoria's mystery still categorise their g-string variety under the sub-category of Thongs & V-Strings - so still pertinent to VS.

Inspecting their present thong an option doesn't render what ns would call a g-string through a v-string.

Reason for that is the backing triangle - if that is the g-string form - has actually the product filled in, through no cut-out cloth at all available in your collection.

So I think the hatchet v-string is only provided for branding these days through the company.

No much longer current

I thus assume a v-string is nothing an ext than a g-string under the Victoria's secret brand, although its a commonly termed name by millions.

If introduce to a v-string this day and also age, that is tho a g-string you will certainly be talking about, however it can go past that.

What with Victoria's secret categorising thongs under the same heading; world could refer full bodied thongs together v-strings.

So as words is existing in the VS bubble, the name doesn't lug much load in any type of other parts of the world.


To acquire straight to the point, a v-string is basically a g-string, you understand what it is - a much skimpier than full bodied thong underwear.

The surname v-string to be in reality invented, or inherited by Victoria's secret as a type of brand name, as soon as referring to your g-string range.

Once a ~ above a time, the wasn't true as there was one major difference of a v-string.

That was the cloth inside the triangle in the behind was cut-out, wherein the seam connecting the g-string strip, goes increase the bum to the waistband.

To contact it a v-string today, its possible a human being will be talking around a g-string indigenous VS, or stops working to not recognize its usually the exact same as a g-string, a much more common expression used by the general population.

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So what are v-strings room g-strings, however can likewise be thongs, a t-back type underwear or other a little much more substantial - with more fabric making up the design.