FIVE FINGER fatality PUNCH: Behind-The-Scenes clip From 'Under and also Over It' video Shoot

September 13, 20110Comments, a top proponent in legitimate downloadable totally free music, has posted behind-the-scenes footage and also photos indigenous the video shoot for "Under and also Over It", the brand-new single from las Vegas, Nevada-based metallers FIVE FINGER death PUNCH. Examine out the content at this location.

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The "Under and also Over It" clip to be directed by Ethan Emaniquis, who credits encompass "Sin City" and "Grindhouse".

Commented guitarist Zoltan Bathory: "We wanted to hit a pretty sarcastic tone with it, so that looks like a typical huge cock-rock video, but in a tongue-in-cheek way. We put all the "big-time video" clichs in it other than for the loot shake or maybe we also got that, i don"t remember. We do have the party scenes, cars, airplanes, mansions, pools and girls that course, you cant have actually a raaawwwk video without your token pool scene. Also, it"s shot indigenous a behind-the-scenes perspective whereby you deserve to actually check out the manager "trying" to straight our music video. That is running in and out of the frames, posing the band, trying come make us act a specific way, i beg your pardon is pretty common of most video clip shoots and also it constantly annoys the hell the end of the bands. It"s an interesting angle the fans never gain to see, and also adds to the sarcasm of the whole clip. We just wanted to have fun through it, and also actually it came to be a blast and much more of a party than a stressful video shoots. Possibly we"ll shoot part two because that this. ."

"Under It and Over It" is taken indigenous FIVE FINGER death PUNCH"s upcoming 3rd album, "American Capitalist". The disc access time stores on October 11 and also will follow up the band"s gold-selling 2nd effort, 2009"s "War Is The Answer". The CD was taped at The Hideout in ras Vegas, Nevada with producer Kevin Churko, that helmed Ozzy Osbourne"s 2010 initiative "Scream".

Regarding the song, vocalist Ivan Moody told Revolver magazine, "This one is around the rumors and gossip the go ~ above everywhere specifically online. It"s comical to see how much crazy, ill-informed shit people will write-up as news and also when they"re trolling about message boards. In today"s day and also age, speculation and also bad info have the right to just fly roughly the Internet and also catch fire even when its fully false and also unfounded. Funny shit."

Guitarist Zoltan Bathory called The Pulse of Radio the there is a template to the record, but added that it"s no a concept album. "You know, every song is different, the course, and we"re never gonna really create a principle album it"s not a tape that"s gonna execute rock operas wherein all the song connect, girlfriend know, therefore there"s constantly a variety of songs and also themes," he said. "But there"s always additionally a general principle that will certainly run through a pair of song at least."

Moody stated in a statement, "I literally laid every ounce of blood I had on this one. We room a people"s band. Our fans understand us because of that we are. We"ve never ever tried to be anybody else but FIVE FINGER death PUNCH."

In enhancement to "Under and Over It", the album also contains such classic FIVE FINGER death PUNCH moments together "The Pride", "Coming Down" and "Generation Dead".

"American Capitalist" will be released as a conventional CD, and also a limited-edition deluxe CD format complete with distinct packaging plus 2nd disc include a number of exclusive remixes, including one for "Under and Over It". Meanwhile, the iTunes variation carries the bonus monitor "The disastrous Truth". adhering to the October relax of "American Capitalist", the band completed by Ivan Moody (vocals), Jason Hook (guitar), Jeremy Spencer (drums), and new-boy bassist Chris Kael head out on a significant U.S. Tourism under the "Share The Welt" banner, headlining a package that additionally includes ALL that REMAINS, HATEBREED and REV THEORY. This tour starts in mid-October and also runs through right into November, with much more dates likely to it is in added.

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