In 2017, Dutch college student Milan Skippers failure to notification there are two cities dubbed Sydney and so it happened that he uncovered himself in the Canadian snow instead of the Australian sun. Oops!

A slight consolation for Milan: the is not the only one this wake up to. There are much more cities that bring the exact same name but are located miles apart. For example, walk you recognize that Barcelona is not simply a city in Spain, but likewise in Venezuela? To stop you from flying to the not correct airport, we have listed the most common mistakes.

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San Jose

Planning a holidays to Costa Rica? Be cautious when booking her ticket to the funding San Jose, or you can accidentally end up in the unified States. In the clear state of California, over there is another city referred to as San Jose. And then there is mountain Jose de Cabo in Mexico. For this reason confusing!


A flight ticket come Barcelona is usually quite affordable, therefore if you room suddenly charged height rate because that a return ticket come the Catalan capital, it is quite possible that friend accidentally selected Barcelona in Venezuela.


The American city of Memphis is the place to go if you space an Elvis fan. This city is whereby the world-famous Graceland heritage is located. Be careful not to book a trip to the city through the same in Egypt. If friend head come Memphis looking for Graceland yet instead find yourself in between the pyramids, you are in because that a large surprise.


The Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and Bondi Beach: anyone knows the top Australian city of Sydney. Very few people understand that over there is a city dubbed Sydney in Canada too.

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La Paz

For main you have actually been looking forward to sunbathing top top the Mexican beach of La Paz, but when your plane lands you find yourself in a large city built on height of a mountain. Impressive, sure, yet you want to go to the beach and also not the city. Transforms out you have actually booked a ticket to La Paz, the bureaucratic capital of Bolivia. Not correct one!


Who wouldn’t want to see the beautiful landscapes that the American state the Oregon through their own eyes? just pay attention when booking a ticket come Portland, the biggest city in the state that Oregon. Over there happens come be another Portland in the state of Maine.