Winnie Foster

Winnie Foster is the 10-year-old main protagonist that the novel. Dissatisfied with exactly how overprotective her family is, Winnie operation away from home and also is take away in by the Tucks, one eccentric household of immortal humans.

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As the novel progresses, Winnie is challenged with she fair re-publishing of conflicts; however, possibly the most important is she internal problem over immortality. In spite of her young age, Winnie find herself having to think around life and also death, and whether eternal life is worth the risk of eternal unhappiness.

Jesse Tuck

Jesse Tuck is the very first member that the Tuck household whom Winnie encounters. She find him drinking from a feather which the refuses come let she drink from, and is immediately captivated through him. Jesse stopped aging at age 17 and is because of this described as really good-looking, regardless of being 104. Jesse enjoys immortality unlike his father, and also later in the novel he gives Winnie some water indigenous the feather so that she may become immortal. However, Winnie chooses not to drink it.

Angus Tuck

Angus Tuck is the leader the the Tuck family, the husband that Mae and also the father of Jesse and also Miles. He desire he and also his household had never come to be immortal and, unlike his boy Jesse, longs because that death. Upon see Winnie’s grave at the finish of the novel, Angus seems to it is in relieved the she made decision mortality.

Mae Tuck

Mae Tuck is Angus’s wife and the mom of Jesse and also Miles. She is gentle and kind. Mae appears to be realistic around her and her family’s situation, and tells Angus that there is no use longing for death when the is unattainable. Mae is also the one to strike (and kill) the male in the yellow suit when he endangers to take over the spring, offer the water, and also force Winnie to drink the water and also become immortal. For she actions, Mae ends up in jail, however Winnie and the remainder of the Tucks break she out. Mae is through Angus at the end of the novel once he access time Winnie’s grave.

Miles Tuck

Miles Tuck is Mae and Angus’s larger son. ~ realizing that Miles does no age, his wife and children exit him. Although the does not seem come loathe immortality as lot as his father, he also does not seem to evaluate it as much as Jesse does. As soon as Miles bring away Winnie fishing, he talks to her about immortality and how although it can seem choose a pretty an excellent deal, the isn’t really all it’s cracked as much as be.

The guy in the Yellow Suit

The man in the yellow suit is the key antagonist that the novel. ~ witnessing the Tucks “kidnapping” Winnie, the man starts formulating his evil plots to gain land and money. Later on in the novel, the guy steals the Tucks’ horse and also returns come the Fosters’ home, whereby he provides Winnie’s parents provide up your land in exchange for Winnie’s safety. Because the feather is on the Fosters’ land, he currently possesses the spring, and also plans to market the water to the general public in addition to forcing Winnie to drink some. In response, Mae Tuck death him by hitting him end the head with a shotgun.

The Constable

The constable arrests Mae as soon as she death the male in the yellow suit. However, together he appears to be rather absent-minded, she is able to be damaged out conveniently by Winnie and also the rest of the Tucks.

Winnie's Father

Winnie"s father is a well-to-do guy who own the woods close to the household home. He is therefore concerned around his daughter"s disappearance that he uses to provide the guy in the yellow fit the woods in order for her for sure return.

Winnie's Grandmother

Winnie"s grandm is a stern woman that insists on order and good behavior, and supervises Winnie closely when she plays in the yard. She shows a gentler side when she charmingly describes a tune she hears in the evening as elf music.

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Winnie's Mother

Winnie"s mother is a strict and also tidy woman who insists that the residence is kept neat and that Winnie continue to be out the trouble.

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