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G1 Starscream:Press Circle, X, Circle, R1, Triangle, R1 at the "Cheat Codes" menu.Gold Optimus prime in multi-player:Press Up, Down, Left, Left, Right, under at the "Cheat Codes" menu.Gold Megatron in multi-player:Press Down, Up, Right, Right, Left, Up at the "Cheat Codes" menu.

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No weapon overheat: enter L3, Square, X, L3, Triangle, L3 together a cheat code.Always in Overdrive mode:Enter L1, Circle, L1, X, Square, R3 together a cheat code.Unlimited turbo:Enter Circle, L3, Square, X, Triangle together a cheat code.No one-of-a-kind cooldown time:Enter R3, Square, R3, R3, Square, X together a cheat code.Invincibility:Enter R3, X, Square, L3, Square, Square together a cheat code.Extra Energon from beat enemies: enter Triangle, Square, Circle, R3, X, Triangle as a cheat code.Increased weapon damage in robot form: enter Triangle, Triangle, R3, X, L1, Triangle together a cheat code.Increased weapon damages in auto form: enter riangle, Circle, R1, Square, R3, L3 as a cheat code.Melee immediate kills: get in R3, X, L1, Circle, R3, L1 as a cheat code.Lower enemy accuracy: enter Square, L3, R3, L3, R3, R1 as a cheat code.Increased foe health: enter Circle, Square, L1, Circle, R3, Triangle together a cheat code.Increased adversary damage:Enter L1, Triangle, X, Triangle, R3, R3 together a cheat code.Increased foe accuracy: get in Triangle, Triangle, Circle, X, Square, L1 together a cheat code.Special kills just mode: get in Circle, Circle, R1, Circle, X, L3 together a cheat code.All Shanghai missions and also zones: get in Triangle, L3, R3, L1, Triangle, X together a cheat code.All West shore missions and zones: get in L1, R1, R3, Triangle, R3, Circle as a cheat code.All Deep six missions and also zones: enter Square, R1, Triangle, Circle, X, L1 as a cheat code.All East coastline missions and also zones: enter R3, L3, R1, X, Circle, Square as a cheat code.All Cairo missions and also zones: get in R3, Triangle, X, Triangle, L3, L1 together a cheat code.All upgrades: go into L1, Triangle, L1, Circle, Square, Square as a cheat code.Low heaviness mode: go into Square, Square, Triangle, L3, Triangle, L3 together a cheat code.Play together Decepticon Seeker Warrior MP in Decepticon based single player: go into Square, Triangle, Square, L1, X, L1 as a cheat code.Play together Autobot Protectobot reconnaissance MP in Autobot based solitary player:Enter R3, L1, L1, Triangle, Square, X as a cheat code.G1 Ironhide in solitary player: enter L1, R1, R1, X, Circle, Triangle together a cheat code. get the best selection of Transformers: Revenge of the fallen Cheats, password & Walkthrough/Guide/FAQ because that PS3 indigenous Cheat code CentralThe Genie has much more Transformers: Revenge the the Fallen cheats at CheatingDome.com.