Full day tourism to Cork, Blarney Castle and Cóbh, home of the Queenstown Titanic Story.

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An enjoyable trip to Ireland"s southern capital, Cork, visiting the civilization renowned Blarney castle and taking in the Queenstown Story at Cóbh, on Cork Harbour, well known as the Titanic"s last port of call.

Sit back and enjoy your comfortable train journey together you glide with the heart of Ireland - a landscape littered through castles!

Return Rail Travel.Reserved seats on the train.Railtours Ireland hold throughout.Visitor Attraction Admissions.Escorted Coach.







I would prefer to give thanks to you for giving fabulous suffer to my parental of rail tourism.

My parents to be on her blarney castle and also cork rail tour this summer and also they were super happy v the tour arrangements.

Back in India my father composed an short article in Marathi ( my mother tongue)about her tour and it was published in news paper. He obtained overwhelming response from reader of this news paper.

I’m sure world who review this post if at any type of time happen to visit Ireland they will opt your blarney tourism over any kind of other tour.



"Communication, Accommodation and Guides every excellent."

Sep 2019 by Val Massey

"I walk the Blarney Castle-Cork tour at the end of August. Just wish I had had more time in Ireland. Possibly some day ns will acquire back. If i do, the will definitely be with Railtours Ireland. Communication, Accommodation and also Guides every excellent."

"Loved the rail tour and also Blarney and also Cobh!"

Aug 2018 by Angela W

Highlight that our expedition to Ireland was this tour and kissing the Blarney Stone! The guides to be super friendly and we love every moment. Made our day excellent! many thanks Norman and Margaret for a great day!

"Rail tours space phenomenal"

Apr 2018 by pagan B

We take it 2 rail tours- they room comfortable. I choose this come the every day bus tour. These tours space long relying on which one girlfriend take. Peter and Laim were wonderful host. Us were right here for a week ns recommend take it 3 railway tours and also 2 bus tours. These men took care of us and were great. FYI the trains have actually power plugs and tables to add a bathroom. Complimentary wifi. My family members are large guys over 6’4”. The foot room is great.

"Tour guide was knowledgeable and also personable. Very recommended"

Jun 2016 by mark D

Very well organized. Interacted to united state well. Good timing ~ above stops. Tour guide made certain to look at after the group. Tour guide was knowledgeable and personable. Highly recommended.

"The ideal tour we have actually taken in any type of country"

Jun 2016 by Sandi, USA

The finest tour we have taken in any type of country. Norman was the absolute finest guide. We have actually made a girlfriend for life v Norman. I have told every my friends to make sure they ask because that him once booking a tour. Ns would provide this tourism a 10 if possible

"Blarney castle Tour"

Aug 2015 by Leniekahle, Orlando

We actually booked our vacation v another agency and were placed on the day tour of Blarney Castle. It was a wonderful tour with Edmund as our guide and Teddy together our driver. We had a wonderful day and Edmund was an extremely knowledgeable!! It to be a really lovely day and we also kissed the Blarney Stone!!

"Perfect weather, scenery, food, rail, and coach...."

through Catherine W

Perfect weather, scenery, food, rail, and also coach. Brendan, our tour guide, couldn"t have been an ext knowledgeable, organized, helpful, and FUN! that went above and past to do the work a memorable and FUN experience. This adventure fully made our Ireland experience. Extremely recommended--we will be back!

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Visitor Attraction Admissions Included: Blarney Castle and Gardens & Cóbh legacy Centre

Return Rail Travel.Reserved seats on the train.Railtours Ireland hold throughout.Visitor Attraction Admissions.Escorted Coach.

Book any type of 2 job tours and receive a totally free Upgrade: 48hr Hop-on-Hop-off Dublin City Sightseeing tour tickets.
day 1

Dublin to Cork

Check-in is 20 minutes before Train leave Time.

Check-in next to the Customer business Desk in ~ Heuston terminal where our representative will be waiting for you in your bright yellow jacket!

Check-in for 07:00 exit from Dublin Heuston Station.

Your departure station, Dublin Heuston, was opened in 1844 together the headquarters of the good Southern & west Railway and also is now the main principal station of Iarnród Éireann – Ireland’s nationwide railway company.

As her train departs, we travel in a south westerly direction, passing Inchicore, railway design works and also then several of Dublin’s west suburbs – soon we room in the lush abundant countryside of county Kildare, Ireland’s Kentucky. Look out for the countless stud ranches near the track. The train passes with the city of Newbridge, house to the renowned Newbridge Silverware.

We now go into the Curragh of Kildare, which soon comes right into view ~ above both sides of the line. The Curragh (pronounced: Curra) is famous for its racecourse, residence of the irish Derby. Right now of the morning friend are likely to see several of Ireland"s best bloodstock being placed through their paces. The Curragh is additionally the headquarters the the ireland army and also their buildings can be viewed in the street to the east.

We happen the city of Kildare, and also the Church that Ireland (Protestant) Cathedral that St. Brigid’s – completed in 1223 – deserve to be clearly seen come the south (left hand next when dealing with direction the travel). Us cross the flow Barrow at Monesterevin and enter Co. Laois.

Our train journey provides a avoid at Portlaoise (pronounced: harbor Leesh-eh). Departing Portlaoise, us soon go into Co. Tipperary and pass the city of Templemore. shortly after, we pass Loughmoe lock which have the right to be plainly seen on the southern side that the train, developed in the 15th century, the Purcell family lived there till 1760. The following stop is at the town of Thurles. In ~ our next stop – Limerick Junction – a variety of Railtours Ireland clients will certainly be leave the train for the Cliffs the Moher tour. Please stay on the train for the Cork, Blarney Castle and also Cobh Heritage day Tour!Our last stop before Cork is at the city of Mallow.

We arrive right into Cork Kent terminal for 09:35 and we move to our Railtours Ireland tourism coach, passing with Cork City en course to Blarney town and historic Blarney castle & Gardens, built in 1446 through Dermot McCarthy. You will have actually time to kiss the renowned stone, i m sorry is said to bestow the gift of eternal eloquence on those lucky enough to carry out so. There is also time because that shopping and lunch in ~ Blarney and also we recommend that you have actually lunch there, together this will certainly be the just opportunity during the day to have actually a substantial meal.

We depart Blarney lock for Cóbh, via the city centre, soaking up some of the city sights while en route to our following destination.

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On come at Cóbh, we will certainly visit St. Colman’s Cathedral. We will then continue down follow me the sea prior passing the previous White Star Line offices en course to the beautifully revived Victorian railway station/transatlantic terminal. This is now the Cóbh heritage Centre, home to the Queenstown Story. The centre additionally houses lot information around the great Famine and also subsequent ireland Emigration; 3 million Irish people emigrated native Cóbh, (principally to the united States) consisting of Annie Moore, whose statue is located in prior of the heritage centre.