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Bus Chicago come Muskegon: trip Overview


Bus suppliers on This Route

United claims bus companies: FlixBus, Greyhound, Jefferson Lines, new York Trailways, Peter Pan, Barons Bus, ACN Autobuses

Chicago come Muskegon Buses mirrors you the ideal bus ticket fares and bus schedule so girlfriend can conveniently plan and also book a expedition by bus from Chicago come Muskegon.

We do it our project to connect you through the many dependable bus companies that cover bus company from Chicago come Muskegon.

Whether that is cheap bus tickets or more luxurious buses going to Muskegon from Chicago, we aid you uncover what you're spring for based on how lot of a budget you have.

Bus Companies

Bus business from Chicago to Muskegon is spanned by Greyhound US.

Stations & Stops

Buses leaving native Chicago come Muskegon will certainly depart indigenous Downtown Greyhound Station, 95th & Dan Ryan CTA, Turimex California Ave, Union Station, Cumberland CTA, Tornado Bus S Kedzie Ave or Chicago, IL.

A bus ride to Muskegon will certainly drop you off at Muskegon.

Information top top this bus route

Daily Buses2
Earliest and Latest Bus Departures7:35AM - 1:00PM
Minimum Price$16
Average Ticket Price$36
Minimum pilgrimage Duration12h50m
Average Bus trip Duration12h50m
Bus service providers on This RouteGreyhound US


Frequently asked inquiries for your pilgrimage Chicago - Muskegon

How much does a bus ticket from Chicago to Muskegon cost?

The mean bus ticket price from Chicago come Muskegon is $36. The best method to discover cheap bus ticket from Chicago come Muskegon is to publication your ticket as at an early stage as possible. Prices have tendency to rise as your travel day approaches, so publication in advance to certain the best prices!

How lengthy is the bus ride indigenous Chicago come Muskegon?

The average travel time between Chicago and also Muskegon is roughly 12h 50m, return the fastest bus will certainly take about 12h 50m.This is the time it take away to take trip the 120 miles that separates the two cities.

How numerous daily bus relationships are there between Chicago and also Muskegon?

The number of buses from Chicago to Muskegon deserve to differ depending upon the day of the week. Top top average, there are 2 top top this route. Part buses run direct routes, if others have layovers. Simplify your bus trip from Chicago to Muskegon by comparing and also selecting the bus that fits you travel style and budget ~ above

Which bus companies travel native Chicago come Muskegon?

When taking the bus from Chicago come Muskegon, you can travel comfortably and also safely v Greyhound.

What are the departure and also arrival stations once taking the bus indigenous Chicago come Muskegon?

Buses traveling between Chicago and Muskegon leave from Downtown Greyhound terminal or 95th & Dan Ryan CTA and also arrive at Muskegon.

About Bus Travel

Bus take trip Tips

If you're abroad, study some local language. Not only can it obtain you the end of a pickle during your bus expedition from Chicago to Muskegon yet it'll likewise be endearing to native speakers who will surely evaluate your effort.

From miles long of beauteous natural landscapes to exceptional man-crafted sights, you're bound to it is in in for a visual treat on her bus expedition from Chicago come Muskegon.

Buses space energy-efficient. Transporting a passenger over 100 kms by coach only takes 0.6-0.9 liters the gas. Compare the to the 2.6 liters compelled by high-speed train, 6.6 liters by airplane and 7.6 liters by gas-powered car, and also it's clear that the bus is a much more environmentally-conscious option for your bus transportation from Chicago to Muskegon.

Create your own real life music score by curating a personalized bus take trip playlist - the perfect accompaniment to your bus ride indigenous Chicago to Muskegon.

Did you know?

The average variety of passengers ~ above a coach bus is 32 definition that a bus can replace a minimum that at the very least 30 cars!

The bus driver through the longest job in the human being drove much more than 2,000,000 miles and is a happy world Record holder.

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The indigenous 'bus' is an abbreviation that 'omnibus" which means 'for all' in Latin together buses were supposed to be transportation for everybody.