We, unaccustomed to courageexiles indigenous delightlive coiled in shells of lonelinessuntil love leaves its high divine templeand comes into our sightto liberate us right into life.Love arrivesand in its train come ecstasiesold memory of pleasureancient histories of pain.Yet if we are bold,love strikes away the chain of fearfrom our souls.We space weaned from ours timidityIn the flush of love"s lightwe dare be braveAnd all of sudden we seethat love prices all we areand will ever be.Yet that is only lovewhich sets united state free.

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In the poem, touched By an Angel, Angelou talks about thetheme the love, loneliness and evolution. Because that example, Angelou says," Love arrives and also in the train come ecstasies ", whichsuggests that as love comes in ours lives, it brings happiness. The over quoteintroduces the layout of love in the poem. In addition, Angelou brings up thetheme that loneliness - " live coiled in shells that loneliness until loveleaves its high holy temple and also comes into our sight to liberate us right into life." - suggesting that when love comes in our life, it takes far ourloneliness and makes united state free, which occurs the layout of loneliness. Moreover,the theme of evolution among humans is obvious in the city - " that lovecosts all we are and also will ever be " - which mirrors that love alters humanstremendously the they might not have actually imagined and also proves the visibility of themeof evolution. In terms of the literary devices, Angelou offers personification inher poem. Angelou says, " until love leaves itshigh holy temple and comes right into our sight to liberate us right into life. ",which argues that love is given human - characteristics of movement and freedom.The personification just way that once love comes into our lives, it provides usfreedom from our loneliness. Over there is much more mention of personification by theauthor - " Love arrives and in that train come ecstasies " - whichmeans that as love comes right into our lives, it bring happiness and also with itselftaking away the suffering skilled from loneliness. The use ofpersonification really improves our expertise of what the author is tryingto explain about love by making it look favor a human being who comes right into our livesand changes us totally and turns sadness right into happiness.
i can attach myself ~ above this topic,my parents" love in the direction of me has actually made me much an ext of a happy human bysupporting me and also never leave me alone to confront my difficulties when i neededhelp. This has actually made a person who thinks positive and never offers up whensomething doesn"t work-related the means I think. Through the endure of love and also carefrom mine parents, I can understand what the author means that love alters yourlives - it simply makes you a far better person that you ever yesterday. Moreover,love have the right to be offered to change the hearts of terrorists all roughly the world. Forexample, civilization like small Johnson, that was a NASCAR driver, actually smuggledalcohol and got arrested. However, v the aid of some love, that turned aroundhis life and made a huge career the end of driving car in 1950s and also 1960s. Learningfrom him, I have the right to understand as to what the writer is trying to attain in thepoem as Johnson was bad and also probably isolated however love changed his life into avery successful person and that love could of anyone.
The an interpretation of this city is thatlove theatre a an excellent role in changing our identification and affect as a person in thesociety. Love is the just treatment to revolve someone into a far better person thanthey were in the past. Someone would certainly write this city to conscious readers of thenature"s gift - love - that is a boon to human beings and additionally the treatment to allwounds. This city is an ideas for anyone that has provided up in life and hasno hope of anything great in the future. In addition, some human being see love together asin and also to adjust their ideas around love, the poem is a great source. Thepurpose the this poem is come encourage reader who room suffering from sadness andisolation to take it the sanctuary of love and just love to boost their stays andbe happy.

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ns agree come the ideology of Angelou thatlove is spectacular. Not just that yet love is the source of happiness. Love isnot only in between lovers however each relation has feelings the love. Love is caringand supporting a person at time to aid them overview their problems, share theirgrief and happiness. I additionally agree come Angelou"s principles of love evolving us right into awhole various personality. Because that example, terrorists are civilization who experience froma particular pain in their heart. If we usage love rather of guns, they will certainly changeand the civilization will it is in peaceful and a much an ext happy ar to live in.Therefore, Love is a good feeling the connects us humans and also lets united state backeach other enhancing the society. The poem, touch by one Angel, is certain toinspire through its great of love each other - probably the angel in the titleis love as it acts together an point of view in our resides that alters us into a betterperson.