Black Veil Brides is one American rock band based in Hollywood, California. The group developed in 2006 in Cincinnati, Ohio and is right now composed of Andy Biersack (lead vocals), Jake Pitts (lead guitar), Jinxx (rhythm guitar, violin), Lonny Eagleton (bass guitar), and also Christian “CC” Coma (drums). Black color Veil Brides are recognized for their usage of black makeup, body paint, tight black studded clothing, and long hair, which to be all influenced by the stage personas of KISS and Mötley Crüe, and also other 1980s glam metal acts. Right here are every one of Black Veil Brides song ranked.

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20. Carolyn (We Stitch this Wounds, 2010)

“I don’t recognize much around this band, yet so far this is the best song i have heard through them. The absolutely beautiful. The guitar, Andy’s vocals, the lyrics…It’s a gorgeous song. Should be higher in this perform in mine opinion.”

19. Collection the civilization on Fire (Set the people on Fire, 2011)

“This tune is amazing! it is a really good, inspiring, song, Andy is an exceptional singer, CC is an exceptional drummer, Ashley is an remarkable guitarist, Jinxx is an remarkable violinist, and Jake is amazing! This tape is inspiring! They have actually taught me to never provide in and also I love them because that that!”

18. Ns Am Bulletproof (Wretched and also Divine: The Story the the Wild Ones, 2013)

“This is among my favourite song by black color Veil Brides. It reflects how far the have come and also how they have actually grown together a band, these song from this album yes, really stand the end from your previous work. Ns am bulletproof reflects how much Andy has actually come as a singer”


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5. Rebel Love song (Set the human being on Fire, 2011)

“This has like 4-5 different rhythms and it is literally so cool that they tied all of them right into one song. The very… attractive to to speak the least. I obtain it stuck in mine head often and also listening come it again no help. That a very relatable tune to also those who don’t listen to BVB top top a constant basis. Superb song – and also that’s to say the least.”

4. Perfect Weapon (We Stitch this Wounds, 2010)

“The best and probably heaviest black color Veil Brides song, the guitar solos, vocals, bass, its every really good quality music. Love the intro with Andy Biersack screaming, also the music video is top notch. AMAZING.”

3. Please Angels (Set the people on Fire, 2011)

“I think it’s the best due to the fact that it talks about the difference and not simply love that talks around everyone that’s alone everyone that goes with stuff this song is have to be the best due to the fact that this tune was the very first song that acquired mt to perform to the black color veil brides now I’m apart of the army BVB army Forever set the world on fire!”

2. Knives and also Pens (We Stitch these Wounds, 2010)

“This was the an initial Black Veil Brides track I ever before heard and the tune which conserved my life on three occasions. It method more come me than any kind of other song. Not many people know this. It has actually so lot meaning; that the command vocalist singing about how he was bullied in high institution so badly that he had to relocate schools & house several times, his family received fatality threats, his home was graffiti-ed on, etc. And also it really moved me and many others. To buy me into the black color Veil Brides ‘fandom’ and also I will never regret it.”

1. In the finish (Wretched and Divine: The Story the the Wild Ones, 2013)

“In The finish was the very first song ns heard from black color Veil Brides and also since then i have come to be a pretty huge fan. The music video is compelling, the lyrics space filled v emotion, the guitars, bass and also drums room all ~ above point… and the blog post is truly motivating. The tune is questioning, after friend die, who will remember your moments, her achievements, her actions, your presence? The imprint you do on this world is important. In The end ignites a fire in her heart to leave behind an everlasting legacy.”