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The merchant of Venice is namedAntonio, a prominant number in Italy and also a honest, upstanding citizen. His role in the play is major, together he desire to aid his bankrupt friend Bassanio with the money essential to woo a affluent heiress, Portia . However, Antonio has no...

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The seller of Venice is named Antonio, a prominant figure in Italy and also a honest, upstanding citizen. His function in the beat is major, as he desire to assist his bankrupt friend Bassanio with the money necessary to woo a wealthy heiress, Portia. However, Antonio has no fluid capital, and so he secures a loan indigenous the money-lender Shylock, leave the well known "pound that flesh" detailed as security. Antonio"s subsequent financial troubles drive the story as Shylock attempts to collection his due.

ANTONIOI am as prefer to call thee therefore again,To spit on thee again, come spurn thee too.If you wilt loan this money, lend that notAs to thy friends; for when did friendship takeA breed for barren steel of his friend?But lend it fairly to thine enemy,Who, if that break, you mayst with far better faceExact the penalty.

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(Shakespeare, The merchant of Venice, shakespeare.mit.edu)

This altruism ~ above Antonio"s part shows how deeply he values his true friendship through Bassanio, and also his willingness come undergo injury shows how little he cares for his own involves when others may suffer. Shylock"s case against Antonio is overturned once Portia, in disguise, proclaims prior to the Duke"s court that the stipulation to be for meat alone, not blood, and also since he cannot have actually one there is no the other his insurance claim is void. However, regardless of his almost-saintly patience and compassion, Antonio is not completely "good," or ethically ethical; even after win the case, he uses the battle each other to pressure Shylock into religious conversion in revenge for the emotionally distress the the case.