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Cloud and Tifa are childhood friends, both born in Nibelheim. As soon as Cloud leaves the village, the calls Tifa out to the water tower and also promises the he will come to be a SOLDIER. At the same time, the is also made by Tifa to promise that he will concerned rescue her if she is ever before in trouble

Following this, the pair experience countless hardships, such as the Nibelheim event which likewise appears in CC, and the Jenova war in FFVII, and also through this the distance in between them shortens. And in AC lock live together, through Barret’s daughter Marlene and a boy named Denzel. Though over there was likewise a duration later wherein Cloud lived away from them after having actually contracted Geostigma, they lastly reach a commune v each over and also return to life together once again.In DC, castle rush with each other to Vincent’s aid, in his battle against Deep floor SOLDIER.

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There’s a lot more on their relationship. A lot.

Cloud want to join Soldier so Tifa would notification him, and this is vital memory come him

(SOURCE 10th AU web page 12: “Before leaving the village, he boldly called to Tifa, a girl he preferred romantically, and declared that would end up being a SOLDIER.”

“Tifa: speak to me. Around anything, some important memory to you… currently that you cite it, why walk you want to join SOLDIER in the very first place

Cloud: ……I to be devastated. ……I wanted to be i found it

Tifa: Someone has actually to notice you…? ……who?” “Who………?

Cloud: ……You understand who! ……You, that’s who.”

Cloud’s promise come Tifa is something she would never ever forget

A Promise come Tifa, Etched in his Memory.

When Cloud left the village dreaming of being a SOLDIER, that swore come Tifa that he would come running to her rescue if she remained in trouble. If it to be Tifa that strong-armed him right into making the promise, it appears that the idea the he must keep this vow to be forever in Cloud’s mind. In BC that is obsessive about protecting people, and also if the runs the end of toughness part means though that will point out the “promise.”

In the Lifestream, Cloud and also Tifa learned each others’ feel both past and also present

She ventured right into Lifestream along with Cloud. Amidst the food of him trying to ascertain his memories, they became aware of the thoughts/feelings which each various other was holding. FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania Tifa Lockhart personality Profile ns 42-47

SOURCE UO page 27: Deep inside Cloud’s heart, feel were surprise that no one knew about. even though there were important memories come himself, countless of them to be forgotten. In the procedure of looking for the actual Cloud, Tifa learns a lesson around the complexity of the human being heart, and also the feeling are serious transmitted.

Cloud and Tifa revealed their feelings to one another in a fateful, special night thinking that they are nearing the end.

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In FF7, Tifa is the just one who knows Cloud’s childhood, and also furthermore, she stop the vital to people connected in the story the Nibelheim’s burn down, i beg your pardon is also depicted in CC. She and Cloud came to realize your feelings because that each other in the finish of the story, and live together in AC and also DC. Crisis main point Ultimania Tifa Lockhart Profile

(FFVII Ultimania Omega, pg. 15; Cloud’s profile)“Declares that the team have to dissolve in the final hours before the last battle, and communicates his feelings along with Tifa, who stays behind at the airship v him.”(FFVII Ultimania Omega, pg. 27; Tifa’s profile)“When Cloud proposes that the group separates temporarily, she stays behind in ~ the airship and communicates her feelings together with Cloud. “

(FFVII 10th Anniversary Ultimania, pg. 118; pg. 120 in the revised Edition; story summary)“Cloud and also Tifa, who remain, disclose their feelings for each various other together.”(FFVII Ultimania Omega, pg. 198; story summary)“When their companions disperse to the locations where civilization important come them await, Cloud and Tifa space the only two to stay behind. They reveal their common feelings in their last hours, and…….”

(FF25th Tifa’s Memorial Scenes)

The Fateful Night the two ShareAn occasion near the time of the final fight with Sephiroth, wherein Cloud and also Tifa remain at the airship Highwind together. With this probably being the end — an evening conquer with a overwhelming of feelings becomes something special.