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What walk the an extremely opening scene of the story imply for Jerry?

As Jerry starts his vacation, the step described before him resembles, in some way, a forked road, through two courses laid prior to him. One the one side is the "wild and also rocky bay" when on the other side is "crowded beach he knew so fine from other years". Both represent his psychological advance over the years.

The overfilled beach is a familiar path because that him, a ar where he has spent time v his mother, swim in the water together he has done for years. But the wild and also rocky only is in some means "the road not taken" because that Jerry. It holds the begin of a brand-new adventure, something that would be his own creation, somewhere that would certainly be his very own creation, somewhere where he would certainly be exploring new things ~ above his own.

The routes then show up as two alternatives that would form his life going forward. Need to he choose the familiar scene and also stick to what that has constantly known, come the old memories? Or must he action out of his own comfort zone and see what the unknown stop in store for him?


What is the continuous internal struggle Jerry"s mother finds herself going through?

As a single parent, Jerry"s mommy wants come make certain she help in any way while likewise not bounding him also much. Though she walk not have actually a constant presence in the yes, really story, her internal conflict surrounding she parentage that Jerry became obvious every now and also then.

On one hand, she wants Jerry to have the freedom to explore the new world outside on his very own terms and discover new things by himself. In ~ the same time, she additionally feels overwhelmed by the fear of letting Jerry go off ~ above his own in a human being that is often unforgiving to a huge extent. She desires the finest for him however she also struggles to not be also overbearing due to the fact that she to know that would certainly not be beneficial for Jerry overall.


How is Jerry partnership with his mommy complicated?

Being a boy of a single parent, Jerry is fairly close to his mother and also they both care for each other deeply. But at the exact same time, both space scared for other"s fine being and also safety. Castle both obtain stuck in an overly dependent relationship where they can"t allow the other go completely.

Much together Jerry"s mom struggles with wanting to give Jerry his freedom and independence while additionally wanting to keep him under she care and also protect him, Jerry battles with wanting to it is in on his own and explore his own people freely, he likewise has a hard time letting go of the too many protective habits towards his mother.

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