Three formal requirements for creating expository prose are..."use of standard English" "avoidance of sentence variety" and "establishment the objective attitude towards subject" I hope i helped! :)

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The correct answers room A. "Omission that contractions", B. "Use of conventional English" and also E. "Establishment the objective perspective towards subject".


Expository composing is a form of creating that mainly intends at explaining one topic or situation by giving the events, details and any other type of details that is required for the reader to recognize the many concern or topic defined this consists of newspapers and also scientific articles.

Additionally, many expository texts space written in prose rather than in verse and also are officially texts, as such it is recommended this texts room objective, which means they room not based on personal experiences or ideas but ~ above facts; also, in terms of format these texts must avoid contractions and also jargon together these are taken into consideration informal and component of speaking however not writing and also should use standard English, in this way these room neutral and also understood by a large public. Therefore, the demands for composing expository prose are the omission the contractions, usage of traditional English and also establishment of objective mindset towards the topic they describe.

Three formal requirements for writing expository prose are "use of traditional English" "avoidance that sentence variety" and "establishment of objective mindset towards subject" but of course this is rather subjective. 



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