This Is the just Level Too is the sequel to the hit virtual game, This Is the only Level. The is a an extremely fun, original game that in every method meets the bar set by the predecessor.

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This game is a great way come kill some time and have fun. If friend haven't play it yet, you can uncover it below at which is among the ideal places to uncover great, fun online games. The adhering to is a walkthrough.


You play as a blue elephant that runs right into the same level over and also over again, only the an obstacle of the level transforms each time.


Each level gives you a short clue around its name in the bottom left over the level number. Establish the definition behind the proviso is an important if you desire to figure out every level's solution.


Arrows: Use the arrowhead keys or A, S, D, W to relocate your elephant around.Keyboard: You will certainly occasionally need to press particular keys top top the keyboard to obtain past a particular level.


Stage 1: arrowhead Keys Required

Basically a indict level. Usage the arrow keys to jump on the button and also then enter the pipeline in the bottom right.

Stage 2: Hop, Skip, and also Jump

Complete the level together normal. However, you can only jump 3 times, so usage your jumps sparingly.

Stage 3: Peek-a-Boo

Jump top top the switch like normal and also then walk to the door. Revolve your earlier to the door to make it open and then run with it quickly.

Stage 4: Anti-Gravity

After pressing the switch the heaviness in the display screen is shifted. Run to the exit.

Stage 5: Red Light

Jump on the button and stay there until the door opens.

Stage 6: v the Tunnel

There is an invisible wall surface in the center of the level. You must walk into the hill ~ above the bottom left of the display screen (let the elephant loss to the floor and walk right). The elephant will burrow under.

Stage 7: earlier Where you Started

Jump into the pipe that you autumn out of instead of the normal exit pipe.

Stage 8: Drag and also Drop

Use your computer mouse to drag the door open and also then walk v it.

Stage 9: run Donkey Run

The only thing that alters in this level is that you space a donkey rather of one elephant. Finish the level together usual.

Stage 10: one the Wagon

To beat this level, you have to press her directional tricks in a one clockwise pattern. Down, left, up, right, down, left, up, right.....etc.

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Stage 11: civilization 1–2

The clue describes Super Mario World, wherein you have the right to jump up into the blocks to bust them. Jump to the greatest block top top the display (single block, left middle) and also then jump as much as break the ceiling. Jump v the ceiling and run right. Autumn into any of the pipes.