I confirm the dictionary for the definition of this expression. It way "not very many or not appearing really frequently".

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Can anybody decompose this structure and also justify why the expression gets this meaning? Especially, what is the "far between" part definition here?




This sentence:

In the desert, gas train station are couple of and far between.

means the there are couple of gas stations in the desert, and there is a lot of of room between any kind of two gas stations. In other words, over there are few gas stations and also they are widely dispersed. Far between describes the distance between the gas stations.

I"m a aboriginal speaker, and I discovered this expression confusing for numerous years. Yet it does make sense.


Checking other dictionaries can have helped you better! :)

The FreeDictionary has actually an entry for that:

few and also far between: very few; couple of and widely scattered.


at great intervals; extensively spaced

Yes, it does talk around having distances as wdearteassociazione.org.


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