There are small eyes ~ above you, and also they room watching night and day; there are small ears the quicklyTake in every word you say. Over there are tiny hands all eagerTo do every little thing you do; and a small boy who"s dreamingOf the work he"ll be like you. You"re the tiny fellow"s idol; You"re the wisest that the wise;

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In his little mind, about youNo suspicions ever rise. That believes in you devotedlly, Holds that all you say and do, He will say and also do in her wayWhen he"s get an impression up choose you. There"s a wide-eyed little fellowWho believes you"re always right; and also his ears are always open, and he watches day and also night.

you are setting an exampleEvery work in every you do; for the tiny boy who"s waitingTo thrive up to be as with you.

would an heritage or heirs of Avleek Dhiman PLEASE contact me as soon as humanly possible! i remember reading among his Poems about 40-45 years back after the passed in 1949! say thanks to You most graciously! navajosangelyahoo

This poem was created by me practically 50 year ago. Why would you try to take credit transaction for something friend didn"t write? dead on you. I composed this because that my husband and also had sent it in to a poetry dispute which must be exactly how it obtained out there. You have to be so proud that stealing. Shame on you.

hi Jacquelyn - i am trying to uncover you due to the fact that you stated you"re the author of this poem yet I can"t seem to find any type of info because that Jacquelyn English. How have the right to I with you? My email is Please email me

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