Hi Everyone!! This short article will re-superstructure The magician of Oz – 2 concerns & Answers.In mine previous posts, I have actually shared the questions and answers of The sorcerer’s of Oz – 1 and also The good Adventure so, friend can inspect these posts as well.

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The sorcerer’s of Oz – 2 Questions & Answers

Question 1: pick the exactly answer:

(a) Oz referred to as the city, the Emerald City because it was________

i. Green and also beautifulii. Make of emeraldsiii. Green was the people’s favourite color.

(b) What was the greatest fear of the Wizard?

i. Travel in a balloonii. The Witchesiii. Being recorded by the people.

Question 2: Why walk the Oz feel that

(a) the Scarecrow did not require brains?

Answer: He was discovering something every day. Endure was the just thing the would bring knowledge.

(b) the Lion had plenty the courage?

Answer: He had enough courage. All he necessary was confidence in himself.

(c) the believe Woodman was wrong to desire a heart?

Answer: It make many civilization unhappy, particularly when the love broke.

Question 3: where was the Oz born? What go he end up being when he grew up?

Answer: The Oz was born in Omaha. When he prospered up, he came to be a ventriloquist.

Question 4: how did the Oz find himself amongst the strange people?

Answer: The Oz travelled v air in a balloon for a day and also a night. Top top the morning of the second day, the balloon came down gradually. Thus, he landing in the midst of strange people.

Question 5: Why did world think that the Oz to be a Wizard?

Answer: When the human being saw the Oz comes from the sky, they thought that he was a Wizard.

Question 6: Why go the Oz let the world think the he to be a Wizard?

Answer: The Oz let the civilization think the he was a sorcerer’s so that they might fear and also obey him.

The sorcerer’s of Oz – 2 Questions & Answers

Question 7: Why go the Oz put eco-friendly spectacles on all the people?

Answer: The Oz put environment-friendly spectacles on all the human being so that every little thing they observed was green in colour.

Question 8: Why to be the Oz happy that the Witches had been destroyed?

Answer: The Oz to be afraid the the Witches the the East and the West together they to be terribly wicked and thus to be happy the the witches were destroyed.

Question 9: Dorothy named the Oz, ‘The an excellent and devastating Humbug’. Why go she surname him so?

Answer: The name was proper because he had fooled therefore many human being including Dorothy and her friends because that so long.

Question 10: What made Dorothy and also her friends go back to their rooms in high spirits?

Answer: Dorothy and also her friends went back to your rooms in high spirits together they knew the Oz would find a method to fulfil all your promises.

Question 11: Read and answer the questions:“There were 4 of castle in this country….”

(a) Who states these words and to whom?

Answer: The Oz stated these words come Dorothy and her friends.

(b) that does ‘them’ to express to?

Answer: ‘Them’ refers to the 4 witches of the North, south, East and West.

(c) Which nation is gift talked about?

Answer: The floor of Oz is being talked about here.

(d) What wake up next?

Answer: Oz tells Dorothy and also her friends about the 4 witches.

Question 12: do you think the Oz really offered brains come the Scarecrow, courage come the Lion and a love to the believe Woodman? give reasons to support your answer.

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Answer: No, the Oz did no really give these things. Fairly he provided them confidence to think in their strengths.So, these to be The wizard of Oz – 2 inquiries & Answers.

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