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U - Z unities the values of structure, derived from Aristotle"s Poetics , that call for a plot "s action to be singular, to complete itself within a twenty-four hour period, and to take location in one location. Throughout the 16 century, a strictly neoclassical translate of Aristotle"s writings emphasized this "three unities" that action, time, and place. Upstage the area of the phase farthest indigenous the audience. venationes a form of roman inn entertainment popularized at the Colosseum in roughly 80 c.e. That connected elaborate contests to the fatality between animals or in between men and animals. Verfremdungseffekt watch estrangement effect. Verisimilitude a central tenet of neoclassicism , characterized as the quality or illustration of truth. Follow to the doctrine of verisimilitude, characters and events ~ above stage should be believable; in other words, they need to not taxation the spectator"s credulity through venturing right into the terrific or improbable. Weimar classicism a German imaginative movement spearheaded by johann wolfgang von goethe and also Friedrich Schiller (1759-1805) the sought come revive drama by return to Greek themes and also forms. Well-made pat likewise called pièce bien-fait (French), a play the relies greatly on the orchestration that highly facility plots quite than characterization or themes. The genre dominated French theatre for much of the nineteenth century; the playwrights search to integrate conventions such together overheard conversations, mistake identities, suddenly appearances and also disappearances, and also other creates of man to create suspense and also intrigue. The dram conclude through a scène à faire or the final confrontation of characters that resolves the play"s action. Eugene Scribe (1791-1861) and also Victorien Sardou (1831-1908) space the 2 playwrights chiefly connected with the genre. Wing traditionally linked with the proscenium theater, the narrow locations off both political parties of the stage, whereby actors wait prior to making an entrance right into the playing space. A curtain or piece of scenery often conceals the wings. Wings can also refer to scenery placed on the sides of a stage. yavanika in sanskrit theater, a curtain used to hide musician from the audience"s view. yugen an aesthetic principle underlying Japanese noh power that says beauty, grace, and an awareness of life"s impermanence. zaju a type of drama popularized and performed in the northern provinces that China throughout the Yuan dynasty (1234-1368), thought about by the Chinese together "classical" drama because that its poeticism and also literary merit. Earlier zaju entertainments the the Song empire (960-1279) were mostly composed the satirical sketches and also acrobatic performances. Quan hanqing"s snow in midsummer is an example of a zaju play. zanni the servant characters in commedia dell"arte which encompass Arlecchino (or Harlequin), Brighella, and also Pulcinello.
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