webwinder.com//Reselling of this script is stricly prohibited.//1998-2002, Daniel C. Peterson, All civil liberties Reserved.function init()questions = brand-new Array()questions<1> = "What type of writing is this?"questions<2> = "Where was the man when he witnessed the unicorn?"questions<3> = "What ws the unicorn doing?"questions<4> = "Who did that tell about the unicorn?"questions<5> = "Did the human being he told believe him?"questions<6> = "In this story, words "booby" means"questions<7> = "Which type of flowers did the unicorn no eat? "questions<8> = "The wife was NOT.."questions<9> = "In this story, what is a unicorn?"questions<10> = "There was part conflict between the wife and also the man. Who turned out to it is in the winner?"questions<11> = "What walk the wife intend to do to the man? "questions<12> = "What is the ton of the passage?"questions<13> = "When the police and also the psychiatrist were trading looks, what do you think they were thinking?"questions<14> = "Who was yes, really crazy?"questions<15> = "Why walk the man live happily ever after?"questions<16> = "This passage is written choose a fairy tale or a fable created for children. It starts with the formula "Once upon a...(time) and also ends v the declare "......lived happily ever after." What other attribute of the passage shows that the is a fable?"questions<17> = "What features tell you the this is an to update or an "adult" version of a fable?..."questions<18> = "Who is cursing and screaming"questions<19> = "Who lying in the story?"answerA = brand-new Array()answerA<1> = "exposition"answerA<2> = "in the garden"answerA<3> = "eating flower in the garden"answerA<4> = "a psychiatrist"answerA<5> = "yes"answerA<6> = "a form of bird (in the gannet family)"answerA<7> = "lilies"answerA<8> = "solemn"answerA<9> = "a mythical beast"answerA<10> = "the wife"answerA<11> = "have that locked up in the booby hatch"answerA<12> = "angry"answerA<13> = "that the male was crazy"answerA<14> = "the man"answerA<15> = "his wife remained in the institution"answerA<16> = "it go not have mythical creatures"answerA<17> = "it has actually mythical creatures"answerA<18> = "the wife"answerA<19> = "the wife"answerB = new Array()answerB<1> = "narrative - fiction"answerB<2> = "in his bedroom"answerB<3> = "sleeping in the garden"answerB<4> = "a policeman"answerB<5> = "no"answerB<6> = "a crazy person"answerB<7> = "roses"answerB<8> = "gloating"answerB<9> = "a human with a golden horn"answerB<10> = "the man"answerB<11> = "let him sleep in the garden"answerB<12> = "sad"answerB<13> = "that the mam was crazy"answerB<14> = "the wife"answerB<15> = "he had actually met a unicorn"answerB<16> = "it has actually characters"answerB<17> = "it has actually characters"answerB<18> = "the man"answerB<19> = "the man"answerC = brand-new Array()answerC<1> = "opinion"answerC<2> = "in the breakfast nook"answerC<3> = "fighting v the police"answerC<4> = "nobody"answerC<5> = "maybe"answerC<6> = "a bad performer (as in booby prize)"answerC<7> = "tulips"answerC<8> = "unfriendly"answerC<9> = "a jaybird"answerC<10> = "the police"answerC<11> = "cook the breakfast"answerC<12> = "confusing"answerC<13> = "that they thought in the unicorn"answerC<14> = "the unicorn"answerC<15> = "he had actually had a great sleep"answerC<16> = "it has a moral"answerC<17> = "it has a moral"answerC<18> = "the psychiatrist"answerC<19> = "the psychiatrist"answerD = new Array()answerD<1> = "narrative - nonfiction"answerD<2> = "in a psychological institution"answerD<3> = "there yes, really wasn"t a unicorn"answerD<4> = "his wife"answerD<5> = "this was no unicorn"answerD<6> = "a trap for the unwary"answerD<7> = "carnations"answerD<8> = "excited"answerD<9> = "a booby hatch"answerD<10> = "no one"answerD<11> = "go out to see his unicorn"answerD<12> = "ironic"answerD<13> = "that the psychiatrist to be crazy"answerD<14> = "no one"answerD<15> = "the unicorn is a mythical beast"answerD<16> = "it has actually a psychiatrist"answerD<17> = "it uses modern-day expressions"answerD<18> = "the police"answerD<19> = "the police"rightAns = brand-new Array()rightAns<1> = "B"rightAns<2> = "C"rightAns<3> = "A"rightAns<4> = "D"rightAns<5> = "B"rightAns<6> = "B"rightAns<7> = "D"rightAns<8> = "A"rightAns<9> = "A"rightAns<10> = "B"rightAns<11> = "A"rightAns<12> = "D"rightAns<13> = "B"rightAns<14> = "D"rightAns<15> = "A"rightAns<16> = "C"rightAns<17> = "D"rightAns<18> = "A"rightAns<19> = "B"function nextQuestion(form) //set the total variety of questions same to quizendif(form.question.value != "" && form.results.value == "") alert("Please click "Check existing Answer" before going on to the following questions."); else //START IF present QUESTION confirm OR KILLvar quizEnd = eval(19 * 1);if(form.questNo.value == quizEnd) form.question.value = "";form.choiceA.value = "";form.choiceB.value = "";form.choiceC.value = "";form.choiceD.value = "";form.yourChoice.value = "";form.results.value = "End the Quiz. Your last results are detailed below.";reportCard(form); else if(form.questNo.value == "") form.questNo.value = 1 else form.questNo.value = eval(form.questNo.value) + 1;form.question.value = questions;form.choiceA.value = answerA;form.choiceB.value = answerB;form.choiceC.value = answerC;form.choiceD.value = answerD;form.yourChoice.value = "";form.results.value = "";if(form.myScore.value == "") form.myScore.value = 0; else form.myScore.value = form.myScore.value; form.choiceList<0>.checked = false;form.choiceList<1>.checked = false;form.choiceList<2>.checked = false;form.choiceList<3>.checked = false;form.instruct.value = ("Choose A, B, C, or D");//END death IF-STATEMENTfunction checkAnswer(form) var myScore = 0;var curve = 0;if(form.choiceList<0>.checked == 0 && form.choiceList<1>.checked == 0 && form.choiceList<2>.checked == 0 && form.choiceList<3>.checked == 0) alert("No answer has actually been selected. Please choose either A, B, C or D"); else if(form.results.value != "") form.results.value = "Sorry, no guessing allowed. In order come retry this question you will need to start the quiz over."; else if(form.yourChoice.value == rightAns) form.myScore.value = eval(form.myScore.value) + eval(1);form.results.value = "Congratulations! You are correct. That brings her cumulative score to " + form.myScore.value + " out of a feasible " + form.questNo.value + "."; rather form.results.value = "Sorry, the correct answer is "" + rightAns + "". This brings your cumulative score to " + form.myScore.value + " out of a feasible " + form.questNo.value + "."var VwrongAns = form.HwrongAns.value;var rightAnsText = "";var yourAnsText = "";if(form.yourChoice.value == "A") yourAnsText = answerA; elseif(form.yourChoice.value == "B") yourAnsText = answerB; elseif(form.yourChoice.value == "C") yourAnsText = answerC; elseif(form.yourChoice.value == "D") yourAnsText = answerD;if(rightAns == "A") rightAnsText = answerA; elseif(rightAns == "B") rightAnsText = answerB; elseif(rightAns == "C") rightAnsText = answerC; elseif(rightAns == "D") rightAnsText = answerD;var VwrongAns = "" + VwrongAns + "#" + form.questNo.value + "." + questions + "Your Answer:" + yourAnsText + "Correct Answer:" + rightAnsText + "";form.HwrongAns.value = VwrongAns; curve = form.myScore.value / form.questNo.value;form.percent.value = parseInt(curve * 100,10);if(curve > .90) form.grade.value = "A"; rather if(curve > .80) form.grade.value = "B"; else if(curve > .70) form.grade.value = "C"; else if(curve > .60) form.grade.value = "D"; rather form.grade.value = "F"; form.instruct.value = ("Click ~ above "Next Question" come continue.");function enterAnswer(form) if(form.choiceList<0>.checked) form.yourChoice.value = "A"; elseif(form.choiceList<1>.checked) form.yourChoice.value = "B"; elseif(form.choiceList<2>.checked) form.yourChoice.value = "C"; else form.yourChoice.value = "D";checkAnswer(form);function reportCard(form) var footer = ("Quiz and Report Card created usingWebwinder"s Self-Grading Quiz Creatorhttp://www.webwinder.com/quiz/index.html");var header = ("The Unicorn in the Garden Report Card" + "");var table1 = ("Report CardThe Unicorn in the GardenRight Answers" + form.myScore.value + "Total Possible" + form.questNo.value + "Percent Right" + form.percent.value + "%Letter Grade" + form.grade.value + " ");if(eval(form.myScore.value) inquiries Answered Incorrectly" + form.HwrongAns.value + ""); rather var table2 = "";var pageBody = ("" + header + "" + table1 + "" + table2 + "" + footer + "");reportWin = window.open("","","width=620,height=400,toolbar=yes,menubar=yes,scrollbars=yes");reportWin.document.write(pageBody);reportWin.document.close();//reportWin.document.write(pageBody);//reportWin.document.close();}function clearForm(form)form.questNo.value = "";form.question.value = "";form.choiceA.value = "";form.choiceB.value = "";form.choiceC.value = "";form.choiceD.value = "";form.yourChoice.value = "";form.results.value = "";form.myScore.value = "";form.percent.value = "";form.grade.value = "";form.HwrongAns.value = "";The Unicorn in the Gardenby James Thurberreprinted fromFables because that Our Time when upon a clear morning a guy who satellite in a breakfast nook looked up from his scrambled egg to check out a white unicorn v a gold horn quietly cropping the roses in the garden. The man went as much as the bedroom whereby his wife was quiet asleep and woke her. "There"s a unicorn in the garden," he said. "Eating roses." She opened one it s not nice eye and also looked at him. "The unicorn is a mythical beast," she said, and turned her back on him. The man walked gradually downstairs and out into the garden. The unicorn to be still there; now he to be browsing among the tulips. "Here, unicorn," claimed the man, and also he traction up a lily and also gave it to him. The unicorn ate the gravely. Through a high heart, due to the fact that there to be a unicorn in his garden, the man went upstairs and roused his mam again. "The unicorn," the said,"ate a lily." His wife sat up in bed and also looked at him coldly. "You space a booby," she said, "and i am going to have you put in the booby-hatch." The man, who had actually never preferred the indigenous "booby" and also "booby-hatch," and also who favored them even less top top a glowing morning when there to be a unicorn in the garden, thought for a moment. "We"ll see around that," he said. That walked end to the door. "He has actually a golden horn in the center of his forehead," that told her. Then he went ago to the garden to clock the unicorn; but the unicorn had gone away. The male sat down amongst the roses and went come sleep. As shortly as the husband had gone the end of the house, the wife obtained up and also dressed as rapid as she could. She was an extremely excited and also there to be a gloat in her eye. She telephoned the police and also she telephoned a psychiatrist; she told them come hurry to her house and also bring a strait-jacket. As soon as the police and also the psychiatrist arrived they sat down in chairs and looked in ~ her, with good interest. "My husband," she said, "saw a unicorn this morning." The police looked at the psychiatrist and also the psychiatrist looked in ~ the police. "He said me that ate a lilly," she said. The psychiatrist looked at the police and the police looked at the psychiatrist. "He told me it had a gold horn in the center of the forehead," she said. In ~ a solemn signal from the psychiatrist, the police leaped from your chairs and also seized the wife. They had actually a difficult time subduing her, because that she put up a terrific struggle, yet they ultimately subdued her. Simply as they acquired her right into the strait-jacket, the husband came earlier into the house. "Did you tell your wife you experienced a unicorn?" request the police. "Of food not," stated the husband. "The unicorn is a mythical beast." "That"s all I want to know," claimed the psychiatrist. "Take she away. I"m sorry, sir, however your mam is as crazy together a jaybird." for this reason they took she away, cursing and screaming, and shut she up in one institution. The husband lived happily ever before after. Moral: Don"t count your boobies till they space hatched.GLOSSARY booby: in this context, a crazy person (probably from the name of a stupid extinction bird).booby-hatch: a mental institution, a ar where the insane are kept.breakfast nook: a tiny side room because that eating breakfast.browsing: sampling or tasting here and there."crazy as a jaybird": very crazy or hopelessly insanecropping: clipping or cut close come the root.cursing: using dirty or poisonous speech."Don"t count her boobies till they room hatched": from the American expression "Don"t count her chickens before they room hatched", definition "Don"t counting on things to rotate out precisely as girlfriend planned them." gloat: a look at of malice or greed.institution: a psychological institution, one insane asylum.moral: in this context, the "lesson" of the story.mythical: relating come a myth, thus not real.psychiatrist: a psychological doctorsolemn: dig or seriousstrait-jacket: an armless belted jacket offered to confine the violent insanesubdue, subduing: capturing, seizingunicorn: a mythical beast i m sorry looks favor a horse with a horn in the center of the head.The Unicorn in the Garden19 questions.This self-grading quiz needs JavaScript enabled Netscape Navigator 3.0 or greater or Internet explorer 4.0 or higher.Click top top "Next Question" to start quiz. If you gain a JavaScript error you may need to reload (refresh) the page to initialize the concern list.

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