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Written by R AWilliams


Louis the Swan is the protagonist. There is no major antagonist other than to the degree that people"s interests misalign through those the Louis. The zookeeper that tries come pinion Serena is an antagonist.

Louis, having actually been born mute, should somehow learn to connect to function in the swan world. He must additionally repay the debt incurred by his father, who stole a trumpet to assist Louis do noises comparable to the voices of rather of his species.

The climax of the book comes when Louis physically defends the worn down Serena from being pinioned by the zookeepers.

The cob, Louis"s father, breaks into a store successfully once. This foreshadows his severe injury as soon as he returns to pay for the trumpet the stole.

"To get lost in the woods or swamps of west Canada would be a serious matter." because that an eleven-year-old child prefer Sam, that would most likely be fatal.

Many of the characters make referral to the jazz trumpeter luigi Armstrong, whose format Louis strives to imitate.

The bird imagery transparent the book is striking: there are details around wings, webbed feet, and the lengthy white necks and black bills.

To connect with his other swans and live amongst them happily, Louis should live because that an extended duration of time among humans.

Louis"s cultivation financial success and also his fame in ~ the human world parallel his have to return come his own. That is not truly happy till he finds Serena and wins she heart.

The frog, hidden in the mud, knows the spring is near. This frog to represent the multitude of animals in the forest.

The swans are personified, or in reality anthropomorphized, as soon as the narrator provides them human motivations and emotions. The remorse feel by the cob after having actually stolen the trumpet is much more characteristic of what a human being can feel.

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In thing Eighteen, the male in charge of the birds find out about Serena and send his workers to clip her wings. Louis, establish what is going to happen, sneaks increase on the male with the net and also pokes his mine right into the man"s bottom. Louis...