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Charlotte Doyle

This character is a thirteen-year-old that boards the delivery a girl, and gets off a lady.


This character is one old black man who as a young young ran far from home and also has spent many of his life cruising aboard ships. The is the ship"s cook, tailor, and also surgeon, and also he has several rather jobs.

Captain Andrew Jaggery

This character is a polished gentleman that enjoys elegant things. That is an extremely hard ~ above his crew, emotion that they room uncivilized. The pushes them to the limit.

Mr. Grummage

This character is rental to see that a young girl board the Seahawk ~ above time.

Mr. Hollybrass

This character loyally carries the end the captain"s orders, however during the food of the trip he argues with the captain and is murdered during a storm.

Mr. Keetch

This personality is offered as a spy by the captain and...

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