Insert SmartArt

The SmartArt attribute lets you create and customize designer-quality diagrams. You have the right to even transform bulleted lists into a diagram making use of the SmartArt chart tools.

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Click the Insert tab.Click the SmartArt button on the ribbon.

You can additionally click the SmartArt icon in a content placeholder.

Select a category.Select a graphic.

A preview and a description appear on the right.

Click OK.

SmartArt graphic Types
ListShow non-sequential information.
ProcessShow measures in a procedure or timeline.
CycleShow a regular process.
HierarchyCreate an organization chart or decision tree.
RelationshipIllustrate connections.
MatrixShow how parts relate come a whole.
PyramidShow proportional relationships v the biggest component ~ above the height or bottom.
PictureCreate a SmartArt graphic that incorporates pictures.

Populate SmartArt Graphics

There room two means to add text come a SmartArt graphic: utilizing the message pane or the graphics itself.

Select the SmartArt Diagram.Click the arrowhead at the left leaf of the SmartArt graphic.

Type message for each bullet in the message pane.Click the text pane’s Close button or click outside the SmartArt diagram.Select any kind of unused forms in the graphic.Press the Backspace or Delete key to remove them from the graphic.

Convert a perform to a SmartArt Graphic

Select the slide with the list you desire to transform to SmartArt.Select the list message box.Click the Convert come SmartArt Graphic switch on the home tab.

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