I'm a sims 2 machinima maker, and a mac user. I have the sims 2 super repertoire which is a download native the app store, yet apartment life and totally free time were never ever coded because that macs...so it doesn't incorporate them. In order to reach my full movie make potential, i would favor apartment life and cost-free time.

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I've heard the you can run bootcamp and install the gamings on there - however i guess ns am just puzzled on how exactly that works and how identifier go around it.... Would i have to re-install the computer disk version of every solitary game if bootcamp is running? how exactly does it work?

also, i have actually the old sims 2 mac disks, and also i tried to download them (not top top bootcamp) yet it literally stated the games are also old to it is in installed...how execute i know it wouldn't say the if i were to run bootcamp too?

any advice or knowledge is appreciated, thank you.

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I've recently dealt with this situation. :( The only thing you can do is collection up a partition v bootcamp.

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So, basically, what you perform is run Boot Camp Assistant (it comes already installed on your Mac), and also you basically install home windows on her computer. Inspect Here

So, as you run the utility, it'll questioning you to allocate space on her HD because that Windows. I have actually a 256 GB 2015 MBP. The very first time, ns allocated favor 45 GB...and that wasn't enough. Windows itself takes increase a little bit of space, and the Ultimate collection is ~12 GB. What i wound up doing is uninstalling the Super arsenal on my Mac come make more room, and also moved a bunch the extra ingredient to my EXT HD...and then mounted the partition.

Luckily for you, you have actually the Sims 2 CDs. If you have actually a copy the the base Game's CD , as soon as you download beginning on your home windows partition, friend can contact Origin's virtual support and they can gift you the ultimate Collection. (You might confront resistance, however just it is in persistent, and also offer to show a picture of your video game collection/etc)

(Now you could be wondering why friend don't just contact Origin appropriate now, gain the can be fried Collection, and install that on her Mac as is. Well, the unfortunate thing is that the ultimate Collection only runs on Windows.)