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The supernatural facets actually show up with the albatross, which has arrived in order to aid guide the Mariner"s ship through a fog bank. As soon as the old Mariner death the albatross, he has not only violated concepts of gratitude and hospitality, the has, top top a whim, killed a living gift that...

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The supernatural elements actually appear with the albatross, which has arrived in order to aid guide the Mariner"s ship v a fog bank. Once the ancient Mariner kills the albatross, he has actually not just violated concepts of gratitude and hospitality, he has, top top a whim, killed a life being the has come to same him and his ship. I believe we space meant to watch the albatross, in part, in a Christian context--like Christ, who pertained to earth to conserve us, the albatross arrives to conserve the mariners and their ship, and also the reward because that this sacrament is his execution.

Nature itself becomes relentlessly superordinary after the death of the albatross: the wind stops, temperatures climb, drink water operation out. These space not merely problems for a ship at sea; they space all life-threatening. The crew, sensing its very own complicity in the Mariner"s action, decide to hang the albatross approximately his neck, an allusion to the principle of the Judeo-Christian scapegoat, that wears an amulet representing the sins of the people and is sent right into the desert to die for everyone"s sins.

As us know, number of horrific supernatural facets seal the fate of the ship and crew--slimy snakes indigenous the bottom the the ocean concerned the ship; a ghost-ship, through the numbers of Death and Death-in-Life, arrives and the whole crew die (Death) yet the Mariner stays alive (Death-in-Life).

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The Mariner"s salvation comes as soon as he, unconsciously and full that pity, blesses the slimy sea snakes, and the albatross falls from his neck, an indication the Nature and/or God has actually forgiven his original sin of killing the albatross. His penance, however, is no complete, for he needs to keep informing his story, an initial to the hermit top top the pilot boat and then come the Wedding Guest. It"s only after the repeated telling that this awful story that the ancient Mariner achieves part peace. Unfortunately, the Wedding Guest is negatively influenced by the tale, stays clear of the wedding, and wakes up the next day "a sadder and wiser man."

The mythological elements, then, us contain facets of Nature"s wrath at wanton cruelty, and also implicitly Christian elements, that together produce the retribution the Mariner suffers and also the salvation that is available at the end.