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Together, let us: "Deep right into that darkness peer..."Average score because that this quiz is 9 / 15. Difficulty: Average. Played 762 times.As that Oct 26 21.
1. In Poe"s "The Raven," the narrator tells a story about himself that took place within his exclusive chamber. In ~ the an extremely start that the poem, what does the narrator define his emotionally state as?

3. The narrator is startled to hear a tapping noise. From where does he think the he hears this tapping?
4. "The Raven"s" second stanza continues to explain the poem"s setting and mood. In what month does the narrator recall the the events of the poem took place?
5. Together the 2nd stanza continues, Poe has actually the narrator disclose to us the factor for his great sorrow.
6. Poe opens up the 3rd stanza with the use of a many ingenious poetic style: "And the silken sad unsure rustling..."Each of this last 4 words contain a clean "s" sound; and, when the 4 words are review in order, the produces a mournful eerie sound like the blowing of the wind. What is the name of this poetic technique?
7. The narrator speak of being "filled with wonderful terrors never ever felt before"; but, then his "soul grew stronger." What action, in the fourth stanza, go the narrator take?
8. "Deep into that darkness peering, long I stood over there wondering, fearing,Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before"Poe, has his narrator bravely stare right into that unknown horror that so frequently confronts humanity. In his desperation, he desires of "dreams no mortal ever dared dream before..." however still, also by looking right right into the terror that the darkness, the bad narrator is left dissatisfied. What is the just word talked and heard in ~ this destructive darkness?
9. Back into his chamber the narrator turns, with "all my soul within me burning,"clearly this sad and also exhausted guy at the start of the poem is now vast awake and also is feeling wild and an effective emotions. Again he hears the tapping even "louder than before." What go this reason the narrator come do?
14. Together the narrator proceeds to puzzle over this raven the remembers his Lenore the he had been for this reason missing. He connects she to the raven"s indigenous "nevermore" together he grows upset at the bird. What word walk he first call the crow in his fury?

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15. The narrator in desperation asks the crow "is there balm in Gilead?" From whereby did Poe acquire this question?