Johnny and also Pony room both amazed and ask Dallas if he"s talking around Cherry.Here"s what happened:Cherry comes roughly to the lot of on their edge on the very same day Two-Bit gets jumped.Some of the Greasers " because that jumping her then and there, her being the dead kid"s girl and all" (6.2).Two-Bit doesn"t let that happen.Cherry feels the she"s to blame because that the entirety situation.She wants to give the Greasers information around Soc plans for violence against them.She additionally wants come testify in court the Bob and his friends had been drinking and also were searching for trouble.She desires to testify the Bob was eliminated in self-defense.Dallas states she tho doesn"t like him in ~ all.Pony think it"s because she"s scared to "love" him.Dallas begins discussing alternate hiding places.Then Johnny surprises Dallas and Pony by speak he desires to surrender to the police. He thinks it"s the finest thing because that himself and also for Ponyboy.They"re in the car, headed earlier to the church, once Johnny asks if his parents had been around, questioning if he"s it s okay or anything.Dally claims no, and also that his parental don"t care about him either. He simply doesn"t allow it stroked nerves him.Johnny is obviously pains by the news, and Pony realizes the the love the gang gives him can"t really take the place of parental love.As they reach the optimal of Jay Mountain, Dallas stop the auto hard.They realize the the church is erupting in flames!Pony and Johnny run out, skipping Dallas"s indict to continue to be in the car.There are tiny kids everywhere.Johnny states he think they must have actually left a burn cigarette and also started the fire.A guy tells them the he lugged the children for a college picnic and while they were eating, they realized the fire was started.A mrs comes up and also tells the man, Jerry, that she can"t find some the the children.They hear cries coming from within the church.Ponyboy operation over there, division a window, and also he and Johnny gain in the church.They gain the earlier door that the church open and also start pushing kids out.For the an initial time, Johnny has actually lost the scared, helpless look. He"s large and in charge in his function as hero.Pony starts helping youngsters out the damaged window.The smoke and flames space growing and also Pony have the right to hardly breathe.Finally, all the kids are out, yet flaming hardwood is falling for this reason Johnny moves Pony toward the window too.Heavy flames space chasing Pony as he renders it with the window.He hears Johnny scream, but then Dallas access time Pony really tough on the earlier and he overcome out.When he wakes up he doesn"t understand where that is.He thinks the "fuzz" (6.56), the cops, have him.Pony marvels if he"s being required to jail. There"s a man in the car with him, and the male says they"re in one ambulance.Panicking, that asks around Johnny and also Dallas, and also learns the they"re in an additional ambulance.Pony asks why Dallas hit him in the earlier like that and learns the his entire ago was on fire, therefore Dallas hit him to placed out the flames.The jacket he was wearing (the one Dally offered him) safeguarded him from gift burned much more severely.Now Pony remembers the man he"s talking to—he"s the teacher, Jerry, that was at the church. The asks if they"re being taken to the hospital.Dallas, he finally learns, was melted trying to get Johnny out of the church, yet doesn"t it seems ~ hurt as well badly.Unfortunately, the news isn"t so an excellent about Johnny. A burning piece of wood fell on his back, most likely breaking it, and his burns are really bad.Now Jerry speak Pony the he and his friends are heroes, the they space "the bravest children watched in a lengthy time" (6.72).Pony notifies him the aren"t heroes, just Greasers.The male hasn"t heard of Greasers, therefore Pony describes that they"re "hoods, JDs " (6.75).He goes on come tell Jerry the "Johnny is wanted for murder, and Dallas has actually a document with the fuzz a mile long" (6.75).Jerry is shocked, however says he"s tho taking all of them come the hospital in town. He to know Ponyboy resides in town since of the card in his wallet.Pony asks if the little kids room all okay, and learns the they are.A if later, Pony"s sitting in the hospital wait room, bruised however basically fine.Dally to be awake and also cursing as soon as they"d brought him right into the hospital top top a stretcher, however Johnny was totally passed out. Pony"s happy to check out that over there aren"t any burns on Johnny"s face.Jerry Wood, the teacher, is tho here, and also keeps saying how grateful that is to Pony for saving the kids.Jerry comes right into the wait room and sees Pony cigarette smoking a cigarette.He speak him he shouldn"t execute that.Confused, Pony looks approximately for a no cigarette smoking sign, and doesn"t view one.Jerry tells him he"s no old enough to be smoking.Pony has never heard this before. Every the neighborhood kids, boys and girls alike, room smokers, through the exemption of Darry.Suddenly, Jerry smiles, and tells him that his brothers are below to see him.Pony runs right into Soda"s arms.Darry"s standing back, and his "eyes pleading" (6.90).First Pony thinks about how mean Darry is, and how his older brother yells and also hit him that night. Darry doesn"t care around him.Then that sees tears dripping indigenous his brother"s eyes. And also Darry never cries, not also when his parents died.Now the all renders sense come Pony.

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He realizes that Darry gets mad at him because he loves him and also is worried around him.He runs into his brother"s arms, and starts saying he"s sorry.Darry is trying tough to manage his crying eyes and says, "Oh Pony, I thought we"d shed you… like we walk mom and dad…" (6.96).Yes, now Pony understands it all. Darry had actually acted the method he"d acted due to the fact that he was afraid that losing more loved ones.Pony can"t believe he"d misjudged him, and also thought he had actually no feelings.Now that he knows just how much Darry loves him, Pony feels like he"s "home" (6.97).