When the movie ends, the group realizes the Cherry and Marcia don"t have actually a method to get home, because their Soc boyfriends left them. They decide to walk come Two-bit"s house, so he can get his car and drive the girl home. As they walk, Cherry and also Ponyboy talk about the differences between Socs and also Greasers, and how that goes beyond money. In general, Greasers are an ext emotional than Socs. Ponyboy notes how well he deserve to get along with Cherry, thinking, "Nobody yet Soda might really get me talking. Till ns met Cherry Valance."

Ponyboy finds himself telling Cherry about Mickey Mouse, a steed that Soda love in the stables wherein he offered to occupational when he to be twelve. Mickey computer mouse was mean to various other horses, and sometimes even to Soda, but Soda love him like his own. Then at some point Mickey Mouse got sold, and also Soda had actually cried all night. Ponyboy, that was ten in ~ the time, conserved up his money because that a year hoping to purchase Mickey Mouse back for Soda. However, Ponyboy doesn"t call Cherry around the component where his brothers cried.

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Cherry guesses that Ponyboy reads a lot, and that that watches sunsets. Ponyboy realizes that maybe "the 2 different people we stayed in weren"t for this reason different. We experienced the same sunset." Suddenly, Marcia look at a blue Mustang driving toward them; that belongs come the Soc boys, Randy and Bob. Johnny is petrified, however Marcia states to "act normal," and also soon the auto passes by. The Socs haven"t noticed them.

Cherry asks Ponyboy around Darry, and also Ponyboy candid answers the "He"s difficult as absent and around as human... Ns bet he desire he might stick me in a residence somewhere, and also he"d carry out it, too, if Soda"d let him." Two-bit claims that Ponyboy is every wrong about how Darry feels, and also Johnny claims he"s surprised the Ponyboy feels the way, because he thought they obtained along. Ponyboy feels stupid due to the fact that he knows he has it great compared to the house Johnny lives in, wherein his parental beat him up. So Ponyboy lashes out at Johnny, saying, "An" you deserve to shut your trap, Johnny Cade, "cause us all understand you ain"t wanted at home, either. And also you can"t blame them." Johnny winces, and Two-bit defends Johnny.

Ponyboy apologizes, but now the whole group feel down. Ponyboy cries the end "It ain"t fair! the ain"t fair that we have actually all the turbulent breaks!" that is talking generally, about all the Greasers" situations. Two-bit smiles and also says, "Like that or bump it," and also the girl awkwardly continue to be quiet, because they don"t recognize what come say.

Once again, the blue Mustang appears, however this time it stops next to them and Bob and also Randy get out. They begin defending us to their girlfriends, at very first ignoring the Greasers. Randy refers to the guys as "bums," and also Two-bit it s okay defensive. He breaks the end off a bottle and also hands it come Ponyboy, then flips out his very own switchblade. Cherry begs them no to fight, and Ponyboy provides a suggest of pulling her aside and assuring her the he "couldn"t ever cut anyone" through the party Two-bit handed him. Cherry understands, yet insists that she must go through the Soc boys, because "we couldn"t let our parents see us through you all." Ponyboy reminds her that "some of united state watch the sunset too," and she records him turn off guard by replying, "I might fall in love with Dallas Winston. I hope I never ever see him again, or ns will."

After the Mustang leaves with the Socs in it, Two-bit heads turn off to uncover a poker game; Marcia has offered him she number, but he tears the up. Ponyboy and Johnny lie under in your favorite deserted many to clock the stars, also though that is freeze cold outside and they don"t have jackets. They smoke and also talk vaguely around their encounter with the girls and also their boyfriends. Johnny says, "I can"t take much more," speak Ponyboy"s think exactly. Castle think around a location where there are no Greasers or Socs, just "plain ordinary people."

Ponyboy starts to dream about the country, which that idealizes. In his fantasy, his parents are alive again, and also Darry no longer has actually that "cold, difficult look;" the is "like he supplied to be, eight months ago, before Mom and also Dad were killed." Johnny comes to live with Ponyboy"s family members in the county, and Ponyboy"s mother also convinces Dally Winston the "there to be some good in the world after all." Thinking around his dream, he accidentally falls asleep. Johnny falls asleep, too.

Johnny wakes Ponyboy increase suddenly, and also they realize it has gained late. Ponyboy runs home, fear of dealing with Darry, however Johnny continues to be in the lot, due to the fact that his parental don"t treatment what wake up to him. When Ponyboy gets home, Darry is up waiting for him, and also Soda is sleep on the sofa. Darry is "madder than I"d checked out him in a lengthy time," and he starts to yell in ~ Ponyboy for falling asleep in the lot, saying, "Ponyboy, what on earth is the issue with you? Can"t you use your head? you haven"t even got a cloak on." once Soda starts come stick up because that Ponyboy, Darry yells at him, too. Ponyboy says, "You don"t yell at him!" In response, "Darry rolled around and also slapped me so hard that that knocked me against the door." The brothers stand in silence, due to the fact that nobody in their household had ever before hit Ponyboy. Darry screams, "Pony, i didn"t median to!" together Ponyboy runs away, back to the lot, deciding to operation away.

He finds Johnny and also tells him that they room running away, and also Johnny join him without questions. Once they run out the breath, they begin to walk and also smoke. Ponyboy speak Johnny what occurred at home. Johnny confesses that he likes it much better when his dad is hitting him, due to the fact that at the very least it way he"s noticing him. That feels choose he has actually nobody in the world, whereas Ponyboy has Soda, in ~ least. Ponyboy assures him he has actually the totality gang, however Johnny insists, "It ain"t the same as having your very own folks care about you." currently Ponyboy is cold and decides he desires to go home, but just no speak to Darry.


Hinton uses the anecdote strategy to call the story the Soda"s horse, Mickey Mouse. Together Ponyboy tells the story to Cherry, the reader learns of it because that the very first time as well. The informing not only demonstrates exactly how Ponyboy feeling comfortable talk to Cherry, and revealing to she a story he"s never told anyone else, but characterizes Soda as capable of intense love for something that he cannot own. The is additionally a demonstrate of Ponyboy"s love for his brother: he tries to save up enough money come buy Mickey Mouse back for Soda.

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Appearances, particularly the Greasers" awareness of how they look about the Socs, are prominent in thing 3. When the Socs protect against the boys through Cherry and Marcia, "Two-bit take it a long drag on his cigarette, Johnny slouched and hooked his thumbs in his pockets, and I stiffened." Ponyboy note that, "We have the right to look meaner than anything once we desire to - looking hard comes in handy."

The template of eyes plays a big role in this chapter together well. As soon as Ponyboy lashes out at Johnny and tells that he"s not wanted at home, "Johnny"s eye went round and he winced as thought I"d belted him." Ponyboy likewise reads Cherry Valance"s eyes, too, though: when Two-bit hand him the busted party to hit with, Ponyboy traction Cherry beside to guarantee her he might never use it, saying, "I had actually to tell her that, due to the fact that I"d seen her eyes when Two-bit flicked the end his switch." after Darry slaps Ponyboy, Ponyboy notices the "his eyes were huge."

Ponyboy dreams of the nation as the lies in the vacant lot, watching the stars through Johnny. Anytime Ponyboy feels the his case is unbearable, the escapes by fantasizing about how things might be different. In this case, the is frustrated about being a Greaser, and wishes his parents to be alive and also that his totality family might escape come the country, "out of towns and away native excitement."

Hinton foreshadows the event of the burn church rescue of chapter 6. When Ponyboy and Johnny lie in the vacant lot, Ponyboy says, "I observed Johnny"s cigarette glowing in the dark and also wondered vaguely what the was choose inside a burning ember..." The chapter ends with one more bit that foreshadowing, as Ponyboy predicts the "Things gotta get better, ns figured. They couldn"t acquire worse. I was wrong." he feels the Darry hitting him is the low point; he doesn"t yet know they are around to get jumped, and that Johnny will kill Bob.

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