Do you want to recognize if you room smarter and if your ability to concentration is better than the of your friends, colleagues and family?

Then execute the Moron Test!

This analysis of The Moron Test: section 1 it is from Paulina Gegenheimer, a student and a wonderful Android.

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Features & Use

Device through which it has actually been examined: G1Android version: 1.6Root: perform notUsable native version: 1.5Requires authorization: do not

The applications The Moron Test that is uncovered in the market amongst games, although the is not really a game, but, as the surname reveals, a test.But what is examined? Or, just how do girlfriend examine?

At first everything seems pretty simple: you pick the only released Old college mode, which contains sections 1 come 4 and also just wait for points to come to you.

The check starts automatically by pushing the Start! and also they instantly give instructions to the examinee, at the exact same time under in the left corner the time begins.

Press the red button to continue!

Beneath this room four various buttons. The job is simple, one has to press just the red button.

On the screen one can see a planet, a rubber duck, the earth and the sun so the answer is ..? Yes, exactly! The earth. Conveniently press and also get ready for the next difficult task.

Crack the eggs from left to right.

Again not so demanding. The player needs to put the egg in stimulate on the screen, which room messy. Indigenous left to right, one touch is enough.

Surely you have been surprised and also you think the this is also easy and also that any idiot (the surname honors the test) have the right to do the check in a quick time

But don't it is in so quick! The Moron test sounds much easier than that is. The player is approached through 100 instructions, one after ~ the other (and in English). All work are different and also have various levels the difficulty. In some there are built-in traps, those that throw you in ~ the beginning and after a if the concentration capacity decreases and also you begin to touch the duck first with the smallest eyes rather of ordering big to tiny in relationship to the eyesWhen one finishes, you deserve to see how long it has taken and the value with which you can compare v others and continue with the brand-new released section

Overall, The Moron Test: section 1 appears to me to be very well executed. The style is really beautiful and fun. Return it would be much better not to take it the score therefore seriously.

Display & Controls

The Moron Test: section 1 that is clear and also simple. There are no instructions, but they are not essential either since the test offers you all the accuse in each test.

Next come it is a sheet reflecting the test options.At the start there is only the Old institution variant.On the left in the upper corner of the screen is the close symbol and on the right it is possible to change the sounds.

The test screen only shows instructions, tasks, and a timer in the reduced left corner.From particular tasks one get a quick menu (at this allude the test is automatically recorded) and then continues.This menu is the suggest to return to if one error is made. There is no video game Over just an ext or much less time used.

Overall, the design and also handling are very great and have actually been executed an extremely well.

Speed ​​& Stability

The speed and stability that the application weren't an extremely enthusiastic.

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The Moron Test: ar 1 it had to close instantly several times and also when it had actually the phone in idle mode, it started again to proceed playing, it take it a long time.

Price / Efficacy

One have the right to download the applications The Moron Test: section 1 free in the market. The full version prices $ 0.99.

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