Premieres: December 3rd at 8:30 afternoon EasternRepeats: December 8 hours at 9:00 pm EasternStory: Kent OsborneStoryboards: man Infantino, Kent Osbourne, Cole SanchezA half-hour Flapjack Christmas unique airs tonight.

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I chosen it. Really initial idea instead of the usual "Christmas Carol" and "We have to Save Christmas" retreads.

Wow, K"nuckles can"t get a break... Also in the pageant! the was a monster Christmas special... Similar to I expected! that was great that K"nuckles did a an excellent thing and also saved Bubbie in the end... And all of the "bad people" come out of hiding to protect against the mermen.Certainly will certainly be a Christmas unique I"ll never ever forget.

Oh K"nuckles~Going out of his method just to press Larry down.I favored the hanging boots idea come fit in with the show"s theme, in addition to Poseidon being the one to offer out the presents.I think I"d select coal over sacking though.
This was sweet. A relatively unique take on the Christmas unique which fits in ~ the show"s setup and feel.The finishing was hilarious... K"Nuckles selecting his old hiding location over Bubbie in reality respecting him as a person. XD
Of food K"Nuckles wasn"t the only bad person in Stormalong. Far from gift the only one.
The live-action Poseidon to be the ideal part.
Finally controlled to record this (and a organize of other Flapjack episodes) in Cartoon Network"s website. Normally, i don"t lend myself fine to Christmas specials (er, short Tidings Day) because my current view with that vacation is a shrugging "don"t care". For this reason while ns don"t treatment for the ide in general and also its stereotypical Christmas-y layout of "good will toward others", I chosen it all-around. If anything, just since my heart melted once Flapjack selflessly wished K"nuckles to receive a gift while refusing one himself. I absolutely adore the kid; he"s together a sweetheart and also is one of the prime factors why I"m so attracted to the series. Various other highlights incorporate the cursing segment tuned the end by solder Bells. Had actually me in fits that giggles. I likewise though the live-action Poseidon to be awesome. Does anyone recognize who played his real life model?
Was anyone else reminded the Thurop"s journal around wanting to make a spin-off highlighting K"nuckles when the short Tidings title map panned up a tiny to disclose the "A K"nuckles Story" subtitle? I get the feeling working on this episode was what influenced him to make the journal. Also, it to be a good choice to have Flapjack tell united state that it"s a K"nuckles story, since it kinda glazes end that are afraid I remember some human being having that K"nuckles would destroy the show and give Flapjack a minor role. It"s still very much about all the characters, it"s just a little an ext shameless the the story"s centered about K"nuckles. ...With all that overthinking the end of the way, I"ll just say that ns think this is my favourite episode and Christmas unique ever.
I also though the live-action Poseidon to be awesome. Does anyone recognize who play his actual life model?
He"s some old male Thurop discovered on a beach that was a really bad actor. XD The actor"s surname was Gary James.

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Only 10 comments? C"mon people, the staff at Flapjack Enterprises put a most work into this Christmas special.