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The mark of Athena review & Study overview includes substantial information and evaluation tohelp you recognize the book. This research guide contains the following sections:
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Mark of Athena opens up with Annabeth travelling to Camp Jupiter. Camp Jupiter is comparable to Camp Half-Blood other than the inhabitants are progeny of roman inn gods and also not Greek ones. Annabeth is travelling v several various other campers, consisting of Leo Valdez, Gleeson Hedge, Jason Grace, and Piper Mclean. She on guard approximately Jason because she doesn’t trust him, recognize him come be also perfect. The team arrives at the camp, seeing the it had actually recently been attacked. Prior to their ship have the right to land the roman inn god of boundaries, Terminus, come on the ship and insists that they all disarm before being enabled to enter the camp. An covenant is lastly reached and Annabeth is finally enabled in.

Annabeth runs into Percy and also Reyna. She instantly embraces Percy before they space all dragged turn off to a feast. In ~ the feast, both camps talk about the Prophecy the Seven, with Annabeth make the efforts to convince Camp Jupiter the it means both Greeks and Romans have to work together in order come close the Doors that Death. Unfortunately for them, the Augur that Camp Jupiter, Octavian, doesn’t trust them. Leo take away Octavian aboard their ship, the Argo II, in an attempt to obtain him to begin trusting the Greeks. In ~ the exact same time, Reyna privately talks with Annabeth, informing her the she believes the Romans and also Greeks should work together.

During their conversation, the Argo II suddenly opens fire top top the city. A lot starts come form, rioting versus the Greeks, yet Percy is maybe to organize them at bay. Octavian return from the ship, claiming that Leo is the one who initiated the attack. The group manages come flee top top the ship before it is lugged down, v Annabeth acquisition Percy, Hazel, and also Frank v them as well. As soon as they escape, they inquiry why Leo attacked. Leo cases he has no idea why the did it, and doesn’t in reality have any kind of memories the the strike itself.

Piper takes care of Jason, who was injured during the escape. If tending to him, she has actually a vision and also sees a number of unsettling images, including a guy in purple next to a Topeka roadway sign. The team decides to take trip to Topeka come speak with Bacchus. Bacchus is none also pleased to watch them, but Piper tells him around her vision. This calms him under somewhat, however he tells them the doesn’t want to be part of their quest, together he no much longer considers self a demigod. He does provide them information, telling them to look for out Phorcys for info on Gaea.

Bacchus leaves and Gaea assaults the group, using 2 Eidolons come get regulate of Jason and Percy. She tells Piper that she only demands a boy and also a girl demigod, forcing Piper to select whether Jason or Percy need to live. Piper can’t decide, therefore Percy and also Jason are compelled to fight. Piper manages to interfere prior to they can kill each other and also manages to knock both of castle unconscious. The group retreats top top the Argo II whereby Percy and Jason awaken without any kind of signs that possession.

The group comes to the conclusion that Gaea must have used the same control on Leo to acquire him to assault Camp Jupiter, but they have no proof to show to Octavian and the various other Romans. Instead, they decision to follow Bacchus’s advice and search for Phorycs. Piper realizes the Eidolons space still top top the ship, yet she manages to outsmart them and get them to swear never to possess a member that the Argo II again.

That night, Percy has actually a dream that Otis and also Ephialtes room preparing to damage Rome in ~ the start of July. In his dream he additionally sees Nico di Angelo trapped in a jar. Percy tries come reach the end to him, yet Nico is in a meditative trance and also doesn’t hear him. Percy vows the he will save Nico before being woken by Annabeth. Afterwards, the team arrives in Atlanta to begin their find for Phorcys. Through the aid of Keto, the mommy of sea monsters, the group is maybe to uncover Phorcys in one aquarium.

Percy it s okay Phorcys to talk about Ephialtes and also Otis and also gets him come talk about a prisoner, Nico, which lock were utilizing as bait because that the group. Phorcys make the efforts to catch the team in the aquarium, but they regulate to escape. Percy informs everyone the they need to uncover a map that leads come the Athena Parthenos in Rome. Annabeth reveals the she observed Athena several months back looking at a map. As soon as she tried come talk through her, all she stated was she had to monitor the mark of Athena. She then gave her a silver coin and also warned her the if she worked with the Romans she would be no boy of hers.

With the help of Aphrodite, the team is maybe to find out that the map is surprise away at fort Sumter. Top top their method to the fort, castle are attacked by Octavian that still believes them to be responsible for the assault on Camp Jupiter. They control to sluggish the Romans down and split up to discover the map. Annabeth needs to overcome her fear of spiders, but manages to acquire the map. Reyna confronts Annabeth before she can obtain away with the map, saying the she has to come ago to Camp Jupiter to was standing trial. Annabeth convinces Reyna come let her walk so she have the right to repair things between the Camps. Reyna reluctantly agrees, warning Annabeth if she doesn’t they will certainly next fulfill as enemies. She leaves and also rejoins the others, sailing out to the Mediterranean Sea to save Nico and find Athena Parthenos.

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The group lastly gets come Rome whereby Percy has actually a vision about Gaea ruining Camp Half-Blood. She provides to spare the Camp if Percy surrenders himself and also Annabeth. That refuses and also wakes up. Annabeth uses her map i beg your pardon leads her on a series of trials she needs to overcome. The rest of the team splits up through the intent to rescue Nico. The group ultimately manages to find and also rescue Nico, but Annabeth isn’t so happy in her own trials, eventually being recorded by the spider creature, Arachne. Percy and the rather arrive to save Annabeth, but she and also Percy end up falling into Tartarus together. The book ends v the rest of the group setting sail for Greece therefore they deserve to break into Tartarus and also rescue Percy and Annabeth.