If you want to recount the breakup that The Beatles, you could start through the band’s final single, “The Long and Winding Road.” once the Fab Four began work top top this monitor in January 1969, they to be hardly on great terms. (Anyone who’s recorded the Let it Be documentary deserve to see that.)

By the moment “The Long and also Winding Road” was around to be released (spring 1970), Paul McCartney was appalled at what the song had actually become. As soon as Phil Spector come in to rescue the Let the Be tapes, Paul’s original concept changed so lot it was almost unrecognizable.

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Spector’s work, which included overdubs of one orchestra and choir, made a mock of the album’s “back to basics” concept. Yet Spector had his factors for using a hefty hand in his role as producer.

The base playing of man Lennon was probably the biggest trouble Spector challenged in turning “The Long and Winding Road” into the No. 1 hit it became. John’s bass work in those sessions was so negative he was in reality accused of sabotaging Paul’s song.

John base mistakes make ‘Long and Winding Road’ flawed native the start



Beatles john Lennon (left) and Paul McCartney confront the press in 1968. | Bettmann

As listed above, in any type of other scenario, The Beatles would have started over from scratch with “The Long and also Winding Road.” after ~ all, this was a tape that might spend end a week acquiring a track under (and one the scrapped a tune after 100 takes).

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But Paul wasn’t speaking through John, George Harrison, or Ringo in ~ this suggest in time. And also he certainly wasn’t in touch v Spector together the eccentric producer tried to clean increase “The Long and Winding Road.”

In short, that’s why people think John undermined the song. John’s producer (Spector) allowed a flawed manufacturing to walk out v his very own (i.e., John’s) failure on it. Come MacDonald, Lennon’s “impatient indifference” to the Beatles’ manufacturing standards might not it is in defended.

“Lennon’s crude bass playing, though largely accidental, quantities to sabotage as soon as presented together finished work,” mc donalds concluded. In a 2003 article on the release of Let it Be… Naked, The Guardian’s man Harris concurred that Lennon “indulged in something close to music sabotage.”

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