O. Henry's "The Gift that the Magi" might it is in the most famous brief story of all time. It's certainly the most famous of O. Henry's, stand out among many stories with surprise endings, favor "The critical Leaf" and "After Twenty Years".

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Its not-to-be-missed ending has made the a favourite of plenty of readers. If friend haven't check out the story yet, or don't recognize the ending, you re welcome don't spoil it for yourself. At about 2,100 words, it uses a huge payoff for a tiny time investment.

This write-up contains:

a summary,a look at themes,Biblical alllusions, andthe an interpretation of the title.


Summary the "The Gift of the Magi"

Della's scrimping has enabled her to save one dollar and eighty-seven cents. Morning is Christmas. She flops onto she shabby couch and cries.

She lives in a furnished level at a rental of eight dollars a week. The mailbox and doorbell room broken. She husband, Jim, renders $20 a week.

Della powders her cheeks after she cry and also then looks the end the window. She had actually been planning on acquiring Jim a quite Christmas present, something worthy that him.

Suddenly, Della move from the home window to the mirror. She allows her lengthy hair down. It's one of the couple's two prized possessions, the various other one gift Jim's heirloom watch. She hair falls below her knees. She easily puts it increase again and also pauses as a tear falls.

She place on she old coat and also hat, and also hurries under to the street. She reaches a hair goods shop and enters. She asks the owner if she will certainly buy she hair. They reach an commitment for $20.

After two hrs of careful searching v the stores, Della find the perfect gift—a platinum fob chain. That suits Jim and also his exquisite clock exactly. It has an unadorned simplicity and also quality. She payment $21 because that it.

When she gets home, Della takes out her curling irons and does she hair as nicely as she can. She watch at it s her critically and also wonders just how Jim will certainly react to the change.

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At 7 PM, Della has actually coffee ready and is all set to make supper. She waits through the door through the fob chain in she hand. She really hopes Jim will certainly still think she's pretty.

Jim beginning looking serious. His rigid is solved on Della. He has a peculiar expression that she can't interpret. She's afraid. She goes come him and explains herself. Jim battles to recognize that she's cut her hair and also that it's gone.